Brotherly Love

My brothers and I have always been very close. We’re triplets, you know. I’ve been told it’s often the case. There’s a special bond not quite like other siblings or close friends. We have an affinity that transcends the ordinary in ways outsiders can’t begin to imagine.

I suppose that’s why we’ve lived together all our lives. We took care of mother and father until they passed and we just stayed on in this house. I mean, why leave? This is where we were born. Where we were meant to be. You can’t escape the logic of it.

Though that’s not the case with everyone. Some people just can’t seem to understand. Oh, we’ve gotten looks over the years. We’ve heard the whispers in the shops. Seen the pointed looks. Heard the snickering behind our backs. We’ve been through it all and we’ve never cared one jot. Because we know what’s right. We know we are strong together.

It began from birth I suppose. Our parents used to tell us how if they took one of us out of sight of the other two we’d begin crying immediately. We had to do everything together. As we grew our bond became ever stronger. We sat together in school. We played together on the playground. We had no use for friends.

All through those years they taunted us. Called us the three musketeers and such. We took no notice of it. Jealousy was all it was. We knew who we were and that was enough for us. No one could tell us apart. We used that to our advantage. Not that we couldn’t tell. I always knew Andrew from Bradley and they could always tell me, Charles, from the other.

Our parents were only too happy to have us with them. There was no need for us to pursue careers; our father had accumulated a small fortune off of patents from his inventions. So we devoted ourselves to their care. By the time we were in our teens they needed us; they had us rather late in life.

So it was that we never really learned much of the ways of the world. What with the taunts and the teasing we endured early on we didn’t see much need to take part in the mundane affairs of the town and they for their part seemed content to leave us to our own devices.

So it is that we’ve lived here in contentment these many years. It’s not that we don’t understand that the outside world considers us odd; it’s simply that we don’t care. We are a unit. We are complete. That is, we were until three years ago. That’s when Andrew passed away. Bradley and I had a most difficult time coming to grips with the loss. How does one cope when fully one third of oneself is suddenly no more?

Somehow we carried on. The whispering increased after it happened. Bradley and I heard them when we went to the shops. They wouldn’t meet our eyes. Many seemed frightened of us. We gave it little mind.

Now, though, things have gotten rather difficult again. For the past few days people have been knocking at the door. I simply ignore them but they won’t go away. Now, within the last hour there’s a man out there insisting he’s a police officer and that I must open the door at once.

I just can’t bring myself to answer. I know what they want. They want to come between us. Why can’t they just leave us in peace? They’re so full of complaints. They say there’s a horrible smell coming from the house. It’s the same thing they said when Andrew was no longer.

I’m just going to sit here with Bradley. I’ve placed him next to Andrew. I won’t let them separate us. It just wouldn’t be right.


2 responses to “Brotherly Love

  1. WOW! GM…you are really a good writer. Now, I’m going to have to make time at least a couple of times a week to keep up with this…….

    2 thumbs up!!!!!

    • Hey, you do that. Thanks for the nod. I have to say, what you’re doing on your blog right now, that’s very gutsy. I hope it proves cathartic for you.

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