Mistaken – Part 4

Vanessa got up early the next morning and got some work done so she’d be ready to go on a moment’s notice. She worked by the window so she wouldn’t miss Sarah. Ten o’clock rolled around and she saw the front door open across the way.

She grabbed her camera and waited until Sarah was in her car and headed down the driveway then ran out and started her car. She kept her distance as she followed making sure Sarah was in sight.

Sarah drove downtown and pulled into the garage of an old apartment building. Parking on the street, Vanessa got out and hurried into the garage just in time to see Sarah getting in the elevator. She waited to see what floor Sarah got off at and then took the stairs.

Arriving at the fourth floor out of breath she wondered how she was going to figure out which of the six apartments Sarah had gone in to. She decided the only way was to listen at the front door until she heard Sarah’s voice. It was risky, but she had no other way.

The first two seemed unoccupied. At the third one she found her. She was talking to a man. So Sarah was having an affair. That must have been what she’d picked up on the day before when her words didn’t match her aura. Vanessa put her ear to the door, her heart pounding from fear of being caught.

“Why? Why should I?”

The man’s voice was cold and distant sounding. Vanessa shuddered.

“Please, I told you, it’s just all a bit much right now.”

There was a pause then a loud crashing sound that made Vanessa jump.

“Listen, bitch, you’ll do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. I own you. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Another long silence, then Vanessa thought she heard a soft sob. The sound of footsteps and then the unmistakeable sound of bed springs. Vanessa leaned against the wall and put her hand to her mouth. Sarah was in deep trouble. Whoever this man was, he held complete power over her and was using her in any way he pleased.

If that was the case then why had she seen James standing over her with his hand raised? She had to find out. She decided there was nothing more to be done for the moment and went back outside. She waited a long while in her car until finally Sarah came driving out of the building.

Steeling herself for what she had decided to do next she got out of the car and went to the lobby and pressed four on the elevator panel. She almost lost her nerve as she walked down the hall but she forced herself not to think about it, she went to the apartment and rang the bell.

When he opened the door her voice almost caught in her throat but she regained her composure.

“Yeah, what do you want?”

“I’m sorry, I must have the wrong apartment. Wendy doesn’t live her, does she?”

The tall blond man with the cruel grey eyes stared into her with an intensity that nearly made her flinch.


He slammed the door and she stood there for a minute rooted to the spot. Finally she went back down in the elevator and made her way to her car where she sat in silence for a long while. Such was her level of distraction that she failed to see him standing on the sidewalk writing down her plate number as she drove away.

Part 5 Tomorrow


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