Mistaken – Part 8

They treated themselves to a nice dinner that night in a little bistro near the hotel. They considered the risk they were taking of being seen and decided it was slight. To lessen it they took a table at the back facing the door.

One bottle of wine before the main course came and another with dinner smoothed over their anxiety and loosened their tongues.

“Vanessa, I know what an absolute bastard he is but I’m having a hard time adjusting to the idea of…well, you know. I know I said let’s do this thing, and I guess it has to be done, but…”

Vanessa nodded and took another sip of wine.

“It’s never going to stop Sarah. You know that. And now we’re both in danger. What else is there to do? You must never let James find out about this bastard.”

She put her glass down and glanced over at two handsome young men who had just sat down at the next table. They were obviously in love. She was just about to say something to Sarah when a thought came to her. A smile played on her lips and Sarah looked at her.

Vanessa, what is it? How can you smile knowing what we have to…she glanced over at the two men.

“Oh, you find gay men amusing, do you?”

“No, it’s not that. I’ve got an idea. It can work. I’m sure of it. We need to go over to 13th Street tonight.”

“13th Street? But that’s the area where…Vanessa, why would we go there? It’s horrible there!”

“Exactly. Let’s order dessert to celebrate.”

They went back and got a car and drove to the seedy part of town. Sarah was aghast at the endless parade of low-life’s and the people who went there to wallow in the misery of the place.

They drove around the streets for the better part of an hour until Vanessa spotted what she was after. She parked the car and told Sarah to wait for her and keep the doors locked. She walked down the street ignoring the catcalls and whistles, keeping her eyes straight ahead. She approached her target. He was leaning against a wall waiting for some action. He had no idea what was coming.

Vanessa walked up to him and told him she had a proposition for him He grunted doubtfully and looked away but she laid it out for him and gradually he turned his head and studied her carefully.

“You a cop?”

“Hell no. I’m just after some justice.”

“How much you offering?”

“One thousand dollars. Shouldn’t take more than an hour.”


“Tomorrow. Give me your number and I’ll call you when I need you. The job is near by.”

He whistled his appreciation and nodded.

“Okay, lady. It’s kinky, I like it, and I could sure use a grand. You sure this isn’t gonna go sideways?”

Vanessa looked up and down the street and reached into her purse and showed him the gun.

“Not a chance. You just do your part and then leave with a thousand dollars.”

“You’re a real piece of work lady.”

He gave her his number and they parted ways. Back at the car Vanessa slid into the drivers seat and smiled at Sarah.

“New plan. It’s going to be smooth sailing after tomorrow Sarah. You can call James and tell him you’ll be home soon.”

As they drove back to the hotel Sarah’s phone rang. She looked at the caller i.d. and gave Vanessa a look.

“Answer it Sarah. No matter what he says tell him you can’t see him until tomorrow. Arrange a time. If he asks about me tell him I skipped town and you don’t know where I am.”

Sarah looked doubtful but put the phone to her ear.

Tomorrow – Part 9 – The End


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  1. I have no idea which story you’re referring to so I really can’t answer the question.

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