Mistaken – Part 9 – The End

“I paid a little visit to that bitch’s house. She wasn’t there. I’m not happy Sarah. You’d better tell me right this minute, where is she?”

“She skipped town Simon. She wouldn’t tell me where she was going.”

Vanessa turned her head as she clearly heard a stream of profanity coming from Sarah’s phone and Sarah held it away from her ear. When she hung up she was pale and shaking.

“It’s okay, it’s almost over. We can do this.”

Vanessa felt sorry for her but she needed Sarah to keep her resolve firm.

“He wants me there tomorrow at one.”

“Good. You’ll be there. We all will.”

“Who is we?”

“You’ll see. It’s gonna be a surprise party.”

Neither slept well that night and the next morning Vanessa outlined the plan and then called her contact and told him when and where. They met up with him fifteen minutes before Sarah was due and Vanessa told him exactly how she wanted things done. He seemed gleeful. She had chosen well. Sarah was aghast but Vanessa could see in her eyes that she knew it would work as long as they kept control.

They went upstairs and Vanessa and the man stood to one side of the door as Sarah knocked.

“About time you showed, I was about to…”

Vanessa swung in front of Sarah and pressed the cold steel against his cheek just under his left eye. He backed into the apartment and Vanessa told him to turn around. As he did she flipped the gun around and connected with his head with a hard roundhouse swing. He went down like a sack of cement.

When he came to he was naked face down on his bed with his hands and feet tied to the bedposts. Vanessa grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back as the hired help took off his clothes, grinning all the while.

“Payback time, scumbag. Enjoy the ride.”

He screamed in protest as he connected the dots and realized what was about to happen. Sarah sat on a chair and watched the whole thing without saying a word.

“You fucking bitch, untie me right now!”

Vanessa picked up a dirty sock he had left on the floor and stuffed it his mouth.

“You talk too much.”

For the next hour they watched Simon get his comeuppance while Vanessa took photos from every angle being careful to keep the rope ties out of the pictures. It had to look completely consensual.

It proved wise to have stuffed the sock in his mouth; the hired hand was none too gentle. He got into the spirit of things right away.

When it was over Vanessa got her purse and paid up and watched him get dressed and leave. Simon was sobbing when she took the sock out of his mouth. She sat down on the bed next to him and took a close up shot of his tear stained face.

“Now then, I want the pictures and I want the copies. I want them now.”

He glared at her then told her where everything was.

“You swear this is all?”

“That’s it. I’m done with her. Just don’t give the pictures you took to anyone, you hear?”

“You’re in no position to bargain asshole. We’re calling the shots. These photos are going into a safe deposit box along with a letter instructing the executor of my will to give them to the press along with your name and a detailed history of your past if anything should happen to either one of us, you understand?”

He nodded and said nothing, his face told the story, he was a broken man. One bleeding from a place no one ever wants to bleed from.

Vanessa picked up a box cutter and cut the ties. As they left she looked at him lying there motionless.

“We’d better never see or hear from you again.”

They left without another look or word.

The End


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