The Doorway – Part 4

magic-doorGodless Monkey will be away on a photo expedition of Mexico, Central America and Columbia from March 19th to April 20th. I’m running some of my old stories in my absence for your enjoyment.

The wood was luxurious to the touch, and strangely warm. His mind became calm as soon as he made contact with it. He longer found himself wondering how the door hand gotten there. It simply was, and that was that.

He gazed at the handle and hesitated only slightly before letting his hand drift down to it. He had no more than made contact with it when it turned downward as if of it’s own accord and the door swung toward him. He stepped out of the way and his breath caught in his throat as he beheld the sight that was now revealed to him. An entire new space, all of alabaster with columns and a spiral staircase that led both up and down from the landing just inside the doorway.

The music was somewhat louder now, but even more captivating and soothing than before. The light that filled the space beyond the door had the most amazing quality. It was like nothing Edward had ever experienced before. The entire scene suddenly reminded him of what he had imagined heaven to be like when he was a child.

He realized too that there was an impossibly wonderful fragrance filling the air just inside the doorway that did not seem to penetrate his apartment. He idly wondered how that could be. The entire scene held him in thrall, and he felt himself drawn to the space beyond the door as by an irresistible but enticing force.

Without thought, without regard, he moved forward and through the doorway. As he did he could feel himself change. He was no longer…Edward. But who was he? He didn’t know. But strangely, it didn’t seem to matter. He was suffused with a calmness and lightness that rendered him without care, without regard for the trivialities that made up the very essence of his being on the other side of the door.

When he looked over his shoulder at the place he had come from he could only just make out the shape of the doorway. It was a pale grey outline that was sharply defined only around the perimeter of the door. He turned away from it and regarded this wondrous place he now found himself in.

It was what it had seemed to be from the other side. Alabaster of the most exquisite sort, luxuriously smooth and cool to the touch in a most pleasant way. The music seemed to become almost a part of him now, he could not say with certainty that he was hearing it so much as living it. He felt joy, but in a calm and natural way that he somehow knew was sustainable indefinitely.

He idly wondered what was above and below him, which direction he should move. Without further thought he began moving up the staircase and realized he wasn’t so much walking up it as floating. There was no effort involved. He moved for what seemed an inordinate amount of time, although he couldn’t be sure that time was passing at all. Indeed, he had no real sense of the passage of time in the way he was used to, only that he seemed to ascend the stairs without anything more that just that happening.

At last he came to a large open space, again, all of alabaster. A space of exquisite beauty. There were water fountains and planters of fruit trees and faint birdsong harmonizing with the music, though he could see no signs of life here. As he took in his surroundings he became aware of a presence he couldn’t define.

He turned around slowly to see what it was he had detected.

Tomorrow, Part 5 – The End


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