A Confluence Of Misfortunes – Part 3

swimming_gatorGodless Monkey will be away on a photo expedition of Mexico, Central America and Columbia from March 19th to April 20th. I’m running some of my old stories in my absence for your enjoyment.

It was a hot July day, so we took our time riding to the city. We had to stop for water every couple of miles and we were sweatin’ somthin’ fierce by the time we got to Hillsborough. When we got there we went in the drugstore and got a couple of ice-cold cokes and went to the park and sat in the shade. It sure felt good.

After a bit I figured I might as well get it over with and ask Abe what we was up to. I could see he was thinkin’ real hard and he kept eyeballin’ that drugstore we got our cokes from.

“Abe, what you got in mind?”

He glanced at me and plucked a blade of grass and started chewin’ on it. “Well, Jed, I reckon as how you and me are gonna rob that drugstore tomorrow, that’s what I got in mind.”

He didn’t look at me when he said it, but I could tell he’d done made up his mind and that was that. I sat real quiet for a while on account of I didn’t know what to say. I guess I kinda wished we hadn’t never found that gun. My stomach was startin’ to hurt. I closed my eyes and tried to think good thoughts, then I felt Abe’s hand shakin’ me.

“What up, little brother? You understand what I’m sayin?”

I looked at him square. “Yeah, Abe, I hear you. But…what if we get caught, you know?”

Abe waved it away. “Not gonna happen, Jed. There’s just that old lady in there all by herself. I wave that gun in her face and make her open the register and you get the money and we high-tail it to where we got our bikes hid and then we light outta town. Easy as pie.”

“But Abe, what if she sees us again some time when we’re here with our folks or somethin’?”

“We’re gonna wear masks, Jed. What you think, I’m stupid?” He gave me one of his looks.

“Anyways, I’m supposed to do something with Sherry tomorrow…” I didn’t know what else to say.

Jed looked at me like he was gonna say something then looked down and frowned.

“Okayswimming_gator, we’ll do it day after tomorrow.” I could tell he wasn’t happy. “Don’t know why you gotta be hangin’ out with that Sherry anyway, you got a crush on her?”

My ears got all red and I hated myself for it. “Naw, she’s just fun to be around sometimes is all.”

I could tell he wasn’t havin’ it, but he didn’t say anything. We started back home and he didn’t have much to say on the way. When we got back to the pond he took me to a tree not far away.

“This is where I buried the gun. Remember now, it’s just between you and me, hear?”

I nodded and then got on my bike and headed home. I tried not to be too quiet at dinner so my folks wouldn’t start askin’ me questions again. My mind was crowded with thoughts that I was kinda wishin’ would just go away and I had a hard time sleeping again that night.

I started thinking about Sherry, but I had to stop on account of I started having these feelings I get around her. Still, I thought it would be nice to see her the next day. I needed to kinda take my mind off what me and Abe were gonna do.

Tomorrow, Part 4


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