A Confluence Of Misfortunes – Part 5

swimming_gatorGodless Monkey will be away on a photo expedition of Mexico, Central America and Columbia from March 19th to April 20th. I’m running some of my old stories in my absence for your enjoyment.

I skipped breakfast the next morning, of account of my stomach still feelin’ funny. When it was time to go I found myself having a hard time making myself get on my bike. When I got to the pond Abe was there waitin’ for me, and he was pacin’ around like he does when he’s all excited.

“Hey little brother, nice day ain’t it?”

I mumbled something under my breath and put my bike up against the tree. I seen a bag tied to Abe’s bike, and I reckoned he done brought the stuff we’d need to do the robbery. He saw me lookin’ at it and grinned.

“Don’t you be worryin’ now, Jed, everthing is gonna be just fine.”

He came over to me and put his hands on my shoulders and looked in my eyes. “You gotta trust me on this, Jed. We’re gonna be livin’ good, you and me. We’re goin’ places. We got authority.”

I nodded and smiled and that seemed to satisfy him. I saw he’d dug up the gun already, and since he didn’t say nothin’ about it, I figured he couldn’t tell it had been disturbed. I thought about Sherry for a minute and then put her out of my mind. I had other things to think about.

We got on our bikes and headed down the road. The day wasn’t too hot at first and we made good time. When we got there we looked around for a place to hide our bikes near the drug store so’s we could make our getaway real smart like. We found a spot behind an abandoned shed and Abe tucked the gun into his back with a his shirt pulled down over it. We went to the drug store but didn’t go in, on account of we didn’t want to be seen until it was time. There was no one in there, and it was quiet on the street.

Abe looked around and then said, “Well, this is it, Jed. Nobody around, so I think we should do this thing. When we go in, I’ll make her open the register and you put the money in the bag. Then we’ll high-tail it back to the bikes and get on out of here. You got that?”

I nodded and then we put on the masks. My heart like to have jumped right out of my chest as we went through the door. We musta looked a sight in them stupid clown masks.

Abe was real scary, I gotta say. He pulled that pistol out and pointed in right in the old woman’s face just like on the television. I thought she was gonna scream, but her mouth just keep workin’ and nothin’ came out of it.

“Open the register! Do it now or I’ll shoot ya!” Abe was excited as all get out.

She did like he said and he had to push me to get me moving, but I went around the counter and scooped all the money into the bag, ‘cept for some coins that fell on the floor. I was sweatin’ somethin’ fierce under that mask. Abe was dancing around like a cat on a hot griddle.

“Get on the floor! Do it now! Now, I said!”

She finally got down, all slow like and lay there with her eyes closed. We ran out the door, Abe with the gun still in his hand. That was when I saw Sherry, and I knew why I’d had that bad feeling the night before.

Tomorrow, Part 6


2 responses to “A Confluence Of Misfortunes – Part 5

  1. …is this a commercial break? Really, love this stuff! Thanks, Pat

  2. Well thank you. Glad you’re enjoying it.

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