An Elegant Solution – Part 4

Derek was deep in thought all the way back to the house. He hated Dwayne. He always had. He was tired of running from a situation he hadn’t created, but there was no way he could leave his mother to fend for herself. An idea had been percolating at the back of his mind for a long time and he was more inclined than ever to put it into action.

As he stepped into the house he crossed an invisible line.

“Hi mom.”

“Hey sweetie, how’d it go? Did you get the mail?”

“Yeah mom, it’s right here.”

“Anything interesting in Phoenix?”

He took a sip of the ice water he had poured for himself and knew there was no turning back.

“Nope. Just picked up the mail and came home.”

He kissed her forehead and went to his room to get online. Lorraine looked after him as he left. Her maternal instinct was on alert but she couldn’t put her finger on why.

He sat down at his computer and typed an encrypted message to one of his contacts. He would need supplies for what he was now certain he was going to do and he needed to know how to go about getting them. He sent off the message knowing it would be met with a string of questions he’d rather not answer but that couldn’t be helped.

As he waited for a reply he did some research and played his favourite game. He felt calm about his decision, which both surprised and relieved him. An hour later he saw his inbox flagged and decrypted the new message. As expected it had set off an alarm.

He answered that it would be best if they didn’t know. He had a life and death situation he had to deal with and he just needed to know where he could get what he needed. He indicated that money was no object. That usually smoothed the way.

He was waiting for a reply when his mother called to him from the kitchen.

“Sweetie, would you come here for a minute? I need to tell you something.”

Oh no, he thought, had she gotten another call about Dwayne? He went to the kitchen.

“Listen, Ed wants me to go away with him this weekend. We’re gonna go to Vegas and, well, you know.”

She looked at him expectantly. He kept his expression neutral but he couldn’t believe how this was working out.

“Okay, sounds like fun. You guys have a good time.”

“Are you sure you’re alright Derek? I mean, you don’t mind?”

“No mom, go. Have a great time. I’ll be fine. I have some studying to do anyway.”

He headed back to his room to check his mail. This new development meant he had three days to put every thing in place. He had been planning to tell her she should get away so that he could put his plan into action and now it had all come together. It was a sign. He was sure of it.

He was delighted to see he had a new message. It was a phone number just outside of Phoenix where he could get what he needed. He was given a password he would have to use when he called. Everything was perfect.

He went back to doing his research then made up a list and began finalizing his plan. It was all going to fine he told himself. Life was going to change for the better real soon.

Part 5 Tomorrow


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