An Elegant Solution – Part 5

The next morning he called the number he had been given and made arrangements. He was told to pick up the following day and to bring cash. He spent the rest of the day going over his plan to make sure it would work. He tried not to think about how close Dwayne might be. He wasn’t certain that he hadn’t been spotted on his way to the post office but even if he had been he refused to believe Dwayne knew exactly where they were.

The following day he told Lorraine he had errands to run and left after breakfast. He arrived at his destination forty-five minutes later. He was nervous as he rang the bell. He was relying on his contact to steer him toward some straight shooters.

The door was answered by some rough trade that looked him up and down and then motioned him inside.

“So you’re here for some ordinance. Got a little problem needs solving?”

A sleazy grin crossed his face and Derek looked away.

“Something along those lines. Can I see the stuff we talked about?”

The man shrugged and disappeared into the next room and came back with a box.

“Check it out dude. First rate stuff. This little baby will stop anything you need stopped.”

He pulled out a very impressive pistol. The word cannon came to Derek’s mind right away.

“You ever fire anything like this before?”

“Well no.”

“No problem, we can go out back and I’ll show you how to use it.”

He showed him the rest of the gear and then stuck his hand out. Derek got out the money and it was counted. They shook on the deal and went out back for some target practice.

From there he drove into town. He needed to know if Dwayne was still staking out the post office. He was counting on it. He parked a couple of blocks away and approached. He didn’t see the El Camino but decided to cover a few blocks just in case Dwayne had wised up and parked farther away. He spotted the car three blocks past the shop. He went to it, looked around and reached into his pocket. He did what he had come to do and left.

As he walked away he wondered again if Dwayne had spotted him the other day and knew he’d found the El Camino. He looked around again but didn’t see Dwayne anywhere. He rounded the corner and approached his mother’s car in a way that he wouldn’t be spotted and drove off.

Dwayne stepped out of the shadows and grinned. He pulled a transmitting receiver out of his pocket and turned it on. The tracking device he had planted on the station wagon was working fine. The bitch was gonna get a big surprise in a couple of days. He had waited so long; another couple of days wouldn’t hurt. He had to make sure the time was right.

Lorraine put down the phone and took a deep breath. She hoped she was doing the right thing. Ed had just assured her everything was going to be fine. That they could have a life together and it would all work out. She so wanted to believe. She just had to get Derek out of the house. She heard him pull into the driveway and got up to make herself a drink. She decided she’d talk to him after dinner.

“Hi mom. How’s it going?”

“It’s all good son. Get your errands all done?”

“Yep. What’s for dinner?”

“I thought I’m make you your favourite, fried chicken. Listen, sweetie, we’re gonna leave tomorrow morning, you still okay with that?”

“Sure mom, you have a great time. I’ll be fine.”

She watched him go into his room. She sure hoped he was right.

Part 6 Tomorrow


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