An Elegant Solution – Part 6

Lorraine gauged Derek’s mood over dinner. He seemed somewhat pensive but he wasn’t in a bad mood so she made her move.

“Listen sweetie, I’ve been thinking. You should get away for a couple of days too. Do you have a friend you could stay over with? I think it would be good for you to get away.”

“What do you mean mom? I’m fine right here. You afraid I’ll burn the house down or something?”

“No, it’s just that you never really get away. It would be good for you, that’s all.”

He thought it over. He didn’t want to make waves. His plan was underway and he didn’t want her worrying about him.

“Well, yeah, I could stay with Charlie for a couple of days. He’d like that.”

“Good, you do that. I’ll feel better knowing you’ve got company while I’m gone.”

Derek cleared the table and told her to put her feet up while he did the dishes. Afterwards he went to his room and emailed two of his contacts. He thanked the one that set up the buy for him and told the other one he had something heavy to do and if they didn’t hear from him in three days to contact the authorities.

He checked to see that his mother wasn’t headed his way and then got out the transmitting receiver he’d bought with the rest of the gear. He had been nervous as hell putting a transmitter on the El Camino but he needed to know if and when Dwayne found them. There was nothing. Dwayne wasn’t within five miles of them. Hopefully that meant he hadn’t found them yet.

He played his game online and then got ready for bed. He needed to be sharp the next day. As he drifted off to sleep he told himself that he could pull this off. They were going to have a better life.

The next morning he loaded up a backpack to make his mother think he was heading off to Charlie’s place. Ed showed up as Lorraine finished her packing and they said goodbye to Derek and got in his car and drove away.

He watched them go and then headed back in to the house. Now it was time to make things happen. He felt calmer than he expected he had a right to but decided it was a good thing.

He checked the receiver again. There was still no sign of Dwayne. He mulled it over and decided he would drive into Phoenix and see if he could find the El Camino. He needed to have the whole thing over and done with before his mother got back. If that meant luring Dwayne then so be it. He couldn’t chance things not happening in time.

As he drove along the street the post office was on he tried not to be too obvious about looking around. He drove the length of the street but the El Camino was nowhere to be found. He parked the car and got out the receiver. The car was a few blocks away and parked. He thought about his next move.

Dwayne drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, took another pull on his beer bottle and thought about when he should make his move. He was getting antsy. The receiver was on the seat next to him and he noticed it was flashing. The station wagon was in town again. He wondered if it was Lorraine this time. If so maybe the time had come. He could follow her and run her off the road somewhere and finish this thing once and for all.

He put the El Camino and gear and pulled out into traffic.

Part 7 Tomorrow


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