An Elegant Solution – Part 7

As Derek contemplated what to do next he saw that the receiver was indicating that the El Camino was moving and that it was headed his way. So Dwayne had spotted him. He pulled out of his parking space and into traffic. His hands were shaking slightly on the steering wheel and he felt tightness in his chest. This was it. The game was on.

He had everything ready at home, he only needed to lure Dwayne to the house and do what needed doing. He drove as fast as he dared within the city limits and checked the mirror constantly. Finally he saw the El Camino three cars back. He eased off the gas to avoid rousing suspicion and headed out of town towards home.

As he go closer on the highway he saw that Dwayne was holding as far back as he could and still keep the station wagon in sight. He tried to calm his jangling nerves by telling himself it would all soon be over and they could have a normal life.

Preoccupied as he was with his nerves and keeping an eye on Dwayne he didn’t notice the board that had fallen off the truck in front of him. His right front tire intersected with the nail sticking straight up from the board and the blow out sent the station wagon veering sharply toward the shoulder. He barely avoided sideswiping a barbwire fence before coming to a stop.

He slammed the heel of his hand on the steering wheel and cursed a blue streak, then turned off the ignition. He wasn’t sure what he should do. Dwayne was a bona fide
Sociopath. Would he make a move on a busy highway with so many cars going by? He decided that at least with a tire iron in his hand he stood a better chance than sitting behind the wheel. He got out and set to changing the tire, keeping an eye out for the El Camino.

Dwayne watched the scene unfolding up ahead and slowed down. He thought it over and decided to keep going. It was the kid, not Lorraine. She must be at home. He would deal to both of them, the kid first. It would serve her right to watch him die. He passed the station wagon and turned off at the next exit. He would have to wait for the kid to lead him where he wanted to go.

Derek crouched down and changed the flat while keeping an eye on the road. He watched the El Camino go by as if nothing had happened though Dwayne must have seen the blow out. He watched him disappear around the bend up the road wondered what he had planned.

When he was done he got back in the car and checked the transmitter. The El Camino was half a mile ahead. Dwayne must have taken the next exit to wait for him. He was so relieved that there had been no confrontation that he felt more confident about making his plan work.

He pulled back onto the highway but as he drove he decided to get the flat fixed on the way back. He took the same exit Dwayne had taken and pulled into the nearest service station. No sign of Dwayne but the transmitter told him he wasn’t far away. He got the flat fixed and bought a soda. Dwayne would be watching and he wanted him lulled into a sense that everything was normal.

He got back on the road and headed for home. A sense of peace overcame him as he neared the house. He was doing the right thing. There was no doubt in his mind. He turned up the driveway and stopped the car.

Part 8 Tomorrow – The End?


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