A Grueling Operation

Another extreme flash fiction piece today. Hope you all enjoy.

Carl and Hank had been on their feet and operating for six hours straight and had just been handed yet another daunting task. They looked at each and shook their heads in bewilderment.

Carl wiped his brow and stared at the table.

“Well then, Hank, how do you feel we should proceed in this case?”

Hank stroked his chin and contemplated the situation.

“Well, Carl, I’m thinking a caudal incision at the lumbar vertebrae and then accessing the duodenum, jejunum and ileum for starters.”

Hank nodded his appreciation and contemplated for a moment.

“Perhaps, Hank but I’m wondering if it might be quicker over all to start at the pectoral girdle.”

“I don’t know Carl. We’d be slowed down by the coracoid structure wouldn’t we?”

“By golly I think you’re on to something there. But you do think an anterior intrusion is preferable?”

“Yes I do Hank. I think we can agree on that.”

“Well, Carl, after all, medial keratinised tissue is common on the posterior side and it’s best to deal with that as little as possible.”

“Agreed. I just hope the mesentery isn’t too well developed, that can really slow things down.”

“Oh I know, especially around the abdominal viscera and kidney crypts.”

“Don’t forget the ventriculus, Hank.”

“Right you are Carl.”

The foreman approached unnoticed.

“What the hell do you two chuckleheads think you’re doing? I told you to get these damn chickens gutted, parted and trayed. You’re not going home until they’re all done.”

“Sorry boss,” Carl muttered as Hank set to wielding his knife.

“Hey Hank, you ever think about another line of work?”

“Actually, yes, Carl. I’ve been contemplating going into sub-chromatic polymer manipulation. I just need to find some night courses.”

Carl nodded his appreciation and tossed some chicken guts in the bin.


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