It’s All About Choices

I suppose if I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not a regretful kind of guy. You make your choices in life, that’s what I think, and only a fool looks back. Now Arnie, I’m guessin’ he would beg to differ, but that don’t matter no more on account of Arnie ain’t got nothin’ to say. Dead guys are like that.

Me, I’m at another fork in the road. Funny how that comes to be so often. I reckon it’s how things are supposed to go. I never was like other folks. That’s okay; I’m good with it. I ain’t no whiner, and anyway I wasn’t born to follow. I heard that in a song once.

This time I don’t gotta bust a move right away, so I’m gonna give it some more thought. You might be wondering what the hell it is I’m on about. You see, me and Arnie and Frank were transacting a little business at a bank not long ago and I guess you might say we didn’t get the cooperation we was expectin’. Sometimes it’s like that.

Usually a shotgun butt to the side of the head will bring the attitude adjustment you’re looking for. At least that’s always been my experience. See, that’s what I’m sayin’ about makin’ choices. I made my choice. It didn’t go like I planned. Que sera sera and all that, right?

Water under the bridge. You just gotta harden up when things don’t go your way. I always used to tell Frank that. He could be such a girl sometimes. I’d say to him, “Hey, Frank, grow a pair, will ya?” Did he listen to me? No. That’s why he hung himself last night.

I told the stupid fuck I was gonna make things right. Damn shame, but like I say, no lookin’ back. It’s a bitch is what. I’ll tell ya something else whiles I’m waxin’ all philosophical: it don’t pay to carry no baggage when you’re on the game. That’s another reason I ain’t cryin’ no crocodile tears over Frank. I only ever let him in on things on account of he was Arnie’s little brother and me and Arnie was tight.

Now it’s just me, for the time bein’ anyway, and that’s good, on account of I don’t have to worry about anyone screwin’ up. So I’m gonna sleep on things tonight and see what comes up. Tomorrow I should find out what I need to know to make my move.

So now it’s a new day and I got the word I been waitin’ for. They’re comin’ for me later on. I got a nice little surprise for them. I took it off of this other guy. Don’t know how he got it, but it’s mine now and I made it real clear if he tried anything funny he’d get it back in a way he wasn’t gonna like. He’d been like a little lamb ever since. I just love dumb fucks.

They’re gonna move me to the penitentiary. At least that’s what they think. They only got two guys to take me and I seen ‘em in action before. All they’ll do is put the cuffs on you and take you to the van. Easy as pie. This shiv I took will take both of them out real nice.

They’re comin’ for me now. I can hear ‘em coming down the corridor to my cell. It’s all about forks in the road, you know? I know which road I’m gonna take. And I ain’t gonna look back.


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