Paying The Price – Part 4

As the day progressed Jonny decided the caller before Al had just been someone letting off steam that happened to sound like his brother. It had put him on edge because he hadn’t expected it and so he decided it was best just to blow it off and get on with the business at hand. He called Al at work and gave him some changes he wanted to make for the next call and then spent the rest of the day relaxing and catching up on the odd chore he had been putting off.

He went to the market to stock up on stuff for the apartment and on impulse he grabbed a newspaper though he usually didn’t bother. The news was always so depressing. When he got back to the apartment he was putting away the groceries when a small article on the bottom of the front page of the paper caught his eye. He stopped what he was doing and sat down at the kitchen table with the paper and read the article, his mouth hanging open by the time he finished it.

The article said that the guy who had committed suicide had been buried the previous day and that the police had received a cryptic note made up of letters cut out of magazines concerning the tragedy. The exact contents weren’t being revealed by the police other than to say that the note had ended with the statement that justice is a tricky thing.

Jonny read the words over and over and then sat staring into the distance. Justice is a tricky thing. That was the last thing the caller who sounded like Al had said to him. Coincidence? Jonny didn’t believe in them. It was the same guy. It had to be. This was a genuine nut case; after all that was the only kind of person who sat around cutting letters out of magazines and sent notes to the police. It was real Zodiac stuff and Jonny wasn’t going to sit still for it.

That night he went in to work early and went straight to his boss’s office with the newspaper in hand.

“Hey Mike, you got a minute?”

Mike looked up from his laptop and indicated the seat on the other side of his desk.

“What’s up Jonny? I heard most of your show last night. Not bad. You seem to be handling things.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, but did you see today’s paper?”

He tapped the article and handed it over the desk. Mike read it and shrugged his shoulders.”


“So that last part, about justice, that’s what the first guy who called about the suicide said to me before he hung up. Justice is a tricky thing. Now the police have a psycho note that ends with the same words.”

“Oh yeah, I remember now. What, you think the two things are connected? C’mon Jonny, it’s a coincidence. People say that all the time.”

“Really? Like who? I’ve never heard anyone say it. I don’t believe in coincidences, Mike. It’s the same guy, it’s gotta be. I think we should report this to the police.”

“Jonny, c’mon. You want me to tell the police that a guy called the station and used the same words that are in the note? They’re gonna tell me what I told you, that’s a fact. We’d need more than that. Look, just get on with your show. If the guy calls again though you need to be careful. If he saw that article he might try to get mileage out it. Just relax, Jonny. You’ve been on edge ever since this thing started.”

Jonny got up and left the office feeling disgusted. He was sure he hadn’t heard the end of this.

Part 5 tomorrow.


2 responses to “Paying The Price – Part 4

  1. Hey man I love this. Just discovered your blog, am about to go on the annual Thanksgiving trip, so I’m gonna spend some time reading you. Tell you more later when I get there.

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