The Jack Of Hearts – Part 4

Two months later Harold was beginning to have the dreams again. He knew what he needed to do but he was also quite aware of the need to remain in a holding pattern. There was too much activity. The morning paper had brought that home to him.

Still, he was becoming sleep deprived. The demons would not leave him be. He had accumulated much holiday time at work and was toying with the idea of taking a month off and going somewhere. He might be able to make something happen. He had managed within that time frame once before, but fate, or barring that, luck would have to be on his side.

He worried about leaving his apartment for that length of time. Though the possibility was minute he could not bear imaging that his chamber might accidentally be found. He tossed the idea around in his head for another week before deciding.

He put in for a month’s leave and it was granted the next day. He decided on a date and made arrangements. He had, from time to time, wondered what it was like in Las Vegas.

He arrived on a warm Friday night and checked into the resort he’d booked into just outside of town. His research had served him well and decided it was just the sort of place he needed to be.

He headed for the strip and had some dinner and watched a show before returning to the resort. The next day he went into town and walked around taking in the sights and sounds. It was madness, but he found it distracting and that was just what he needed.

He decided to try his hand at blackjack and headed into Circus Circus and checked out the tables. They were all full but the floor manager told him if he wanted to play a new table would be opened for him. He was shown a seat and soon a dealer appeared and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Sandy. I’ll be your dealer.”

“Hello Sandy. Harold.”

She flashed him a winning smile and commenced dealing. They developed a rapport quickly and he could feel the urge upon him once more. It didn’t faze him in the least that fate seemed to have guided him to where he needed to be.

An hour and half later he was only twenty dollars up but Sandy was all he could think about. He asked for her phone number but she told it was against work rules for her to give it to him on duty. He could tell from her body language that the matter wasn’t closed. When he got up to leave he gave her a couple of chips and as he handed them to her he felt something in his palm.

He walked away from the table and then looked to see what it was. It was a folded piece of paper with a phone number. He made his way back to the resort with a smile on his face the whole way.

Having talked to her about her schedule he knew she’d be home the next day so he didn’t hesitate to call. He was only going to be in Vegas for a month.


“Hi Sandy. It’s your favourite blackjack player.”

“Hi Harold. Wow, you don’t waste time.”

“Well now, why would I do that? I’ll come right to the point. I’d like to see you. Have lunch with me?”

A small laugh and a pause.

“Sure, why not?”

She gave him her address and he told her he’d fetch her at noon. He was in his element once again.

Tomorrow, Part 5


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