The Jack Of Hearts – Part 10 – The End

Friday afternoon came and Harold was at peace. He had been all through in his mind what needed doing. He went shopping after work and selected new clothes. Upon arriving home he laid them out and set about polishing his shoes, a meditation which never failed to put him so much in the moment that he could see it all before him with great clarity.

He got together the implements he needed and put them in his jacket pockets. He had a glass of wine and opened the chamber once more, but he did not open the cabinet. He just ran his hand over the door as he sipped his wine and then closed up again.

At seven he arrived at Melody’s place and rang the bell.

“Hi Harold. Punctual as usual. You look great. Very sharp.”

“You’re looking especially beautiful tonight Melody.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her. She looked up at him afterwards.

“I’m so glad my impetuousness didn’t alarm you the other night. It was just something I had to say.”

He put his finger to his lips and then smiled at her.

“I want you to say again, but not now. Okay?”

She nodded and smiled at him. Sometimes he was an enigma.

“I want to show you something on the way to dinner. We should leave now.”

They got in the car and she asked where they were going.

“Oh, it’s a little surprise. You’ll see.”

He drove to his old high school and pulled around the back, away from the road and cut the engine.

“What’s this about Harold?”

“Well, I wanted to show you my old school Melody. Come on, let’s get out.”

He took her hand and led her to the back door of the building. Turning to her, he took her in his arms and looked into her eyes.

“Tell me again what you were about to say in the apartment.”

She smiled and kissed him, then said the words he wanted to hear.

“I love you Harold.”

“I know you do. I’m so happy to hear you say it.”

He reached into his pocket and brought out the syringe with two hundred milligrams of potassium cyanide in it and injected it into her neck before she could realize what was happening. As he injected her and watched her eyes glaze over he could feel the usual shift in his mind. He lowered her lifeless body to the ground and walked back to the car for the body suit he had in the trunk and put it on along with a pair of surgical gloves.

He returned to the body, knelt down and took the scalpel out his pocket and looked at her.

“It’s finally over Karen. I can be at peace now. I want to thank you for your cooperation.”

He put the scalpel down on her stomach, tore open the front of her dress and put his hand over her heart. Closing his eyes he drifted into an alternate state then picked up the scalpel calmly and cut out her heart.

He carried it with great love and care to the jar of formaldehyde waiting in the trunk. He opened the jar and put it in and sealed it tight. He went back and dragged the body into the woods and buried it in the makeshift grave he had prepared the night before. They would find it eventually, they always did. What they would never find, though, was him.

He drove home and took his treasure into the apartment. He opened the panel, kissed his key and opened the steel refrigerator within. He got out a marker and wrote Karen on the label on the jar and placed it in the empty space he had prepared.

Standing back he took a deep breath and admired his collection. All was right with the world.

The End


2 responses to “The Jack Of Hearts – Part 10 – The End

  1. Great job!

    Now I see where the title came from or was it the other way round, you had the ending in mind before coming up with the title?

    This must sound weird, but I feel relieved for Harold…because for me that ending means that he doesn’t need to kill any more! and therefore safe…of course so will all the other females !

    While reading it though I imagined the cabinet filled with jars of parts of his victims body! (I’m a Stephen King fan :P) and at some points I honestly thought you might twist everything around and make the jars hold jams or something! LOL!!

  2. godlessmonkey

    Glad you like it. The jars do have parts. Hearts. Though I like your idea. Yes, I had the story before the title. It’s not as twisted as The Inside Man or The Smell Of Blood though. I have people rereading those stories all the time.

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