The Man Who Was Not There – Part 6

He continued to write in his notebook and ignored the captive.

“Look, why won’t you tell me why I’m here? If you tell me then maybe I can figure out what is you want me to tell you.”

Lab coat put down his notepad and cocked his head as if listening to something only he could hear. He turned and faced the captive and smiled.

“You know full well what I want you to tell me. You can keep up this little charade if you like, but my patience is wearing thin. I think we’re through for now. I’ll give you some time to think.”

He got up and went to the door and opened it then stopped and reached into his pocket.

“Oops. I almost forgot.”

He summoned two guards who moved to the bunk and restrained the captive. As they did he took a syringe out of his pocket and held it in front of the captive’s face.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” he whispered.

He injected him in the neck and then put his face inches from the captive’s.

“Sweet dreams.”

As the captive’s eyes rolled closed one of the guards took out a pair of headphones and put them in place.

Late in the night the captive, deep in REM sleep began to dream. He could see someone in a darkened room listening to the words of a faceless man. The listener was in a state of anxiety, though he remained motionless, standing at attention. Several times he could almost make out the speaker’s face but always at the last second he would turn away.

As the speaker moved about the darkened room he took something out of his pocket and moved toward the listener. The object gleamed in the near darkness and as he held it up the listening one could see it was a mirror. The speaker held it up to the listener’s face and…

The captive woke all at once and sat bolt upright screaming in the darkness. Darkness. For the first time he was aware of the bright lights had been turned off. He thought it must be night but he had no idea. He tried to remember the dream he just had but it was fading fast. Something about a mirror…

He lay back down and felt his heart thumping in his chest. As he calmed down a thought raced through his mind. It was gone near as quick as it had come but he closed his eyes and concentrated. After a moment he had it back. It was a name. He struggled to understand what it was about but nothing came. He filed it away in his memory, wishing he could somehow write it down. After repeating it to himself dozens of times he emptied his mind and drifted back into sleep.

When he next awoke the bright lights were back. Again he felt numbness in his fingers and toes and when he touched his face there was no sensation. He had a thought at once there was some significance in that but he couldn’t quite put his finger on why. He thought about it some more and then decided he needed to remember it for later. He repeated it over and over to himself until he was satisfied he would recall it later.

He got up to relieve himself and noticed yet another plate of food on the chair. Returning to the bunk he picked up the plate and began eating. Hunger always overcame caution.

Tomorrow, Part 7


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