The Man Who Was Not There – Part 7

Not long after he had finished eating the door opened and a guard came and took away the tray. There must be a camera somewhere, he realized. They could see everything. Probably behind the grill to the ventilation shaft.

As the guard left lab coat strolled in and took up his usual position. He took out his notebook and pen but didn’t write. He sat poised and stared at the captive.

“Sleep well David? Food good?”

The captive decided not to rise to the bait. He ignored the name and shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

“Not feeling talkative today? That’s a shame. I was hoping you’d have something you wanted to share with me. I have to say you look a bit pensive. Something must be on your mind.”

“Yeah, there is. I want to know what it is you inject me with.”

“Oh? Why might that be?”

“Well, let me see, dry throat, numbness, hallucinations, stuff like that.”

“Ah, that. Well, let’s just say I’m trying to help you along David.”

Again with the name games, he thought to himself. He knows damn well my name isn’t David.

“I suppose you’ve got a driver’s license to show me.”

“No, I don’t. Why would I?”

“Because you know my name isn’t David, damn it.”

“It’s not? Well then, why did you tell me it was?”

“I didn’t. Why are you playing these games?”

“I was just about to ask you the same. You keep changing your story David. When are you going to come clean?”

“About what? Why don’t you just tell me what you want and we can end this farce, how about that?”

As the words left his mouth he felt a sensation in his head and his vision skewed to the left. He rubbed his eyes and the room turned blood red. He squinted at the lab-coated one and he could make out that his lips were moving but he couldn’t hear a thing. All at once his hearing returned but the words were slurred. He felt blood rising to his face and experienced a tingling sensation in his scalp.

“Wha…I…What did you say? I can’t make…”

He fell backwards onto the bunk and lab coat rose from his seat and walked over to him. He felt his pulse being checked and then a penlight was flashed in his eyes. Lab coat turned his head and seemed to be speaking to someone outside the captive’s line of sight. When he turned back to look at the captive he seemed somewhat anxious. Several seconds passed and the captive could feel himself returning to normal. Lab coat went and sat back down.

“Feeling better?”

“What the hell was that about? What did you put in the food?”

“Now, now. No need for paranoia. You’ll be fine.”

He ignored what he was hearing as he remembered the dream he had and thinking there was some significance to not having any sensation in his face. The mirror. There was something more…it came to him all at once. A faceless person was holding up the mirror to someone’s face. Lost in thought as he was he didn’t hear the snapping fingers at first. When he did it startled him.

“Hello? Are you in there? Are you going to answer my question?”


“I said, are you ready to tell me what I want to know?”

The captive sat up and rubbed his face. Again, it was numb. An idea began forming in his head and he smiled.

“Why don’t you take your question and shove it up your ass, how about that?”

Lab coat shook his head and stood up.

“I’m going to let that one go, but next time you see me you better be ready to cooperate.”

Part 8 Tomorrow


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