The All Knowing One – Part 1

Amanda stared at the ad in the services offered section of the paper a moment longer, then put it down and sipped her tea while she thought about what she should do. It would depend on how much he was charging, she supposed. She looked at the ad again. The all knowing one. She realized at that her mind was made up and she was just dithering.

She reached for the phone and picked up the ad again for the phone number. On the fourth ring she was about to hang up when a man answered.

“How may I help you?”

He had a deep, enigmatic voice. She was in thrall at once.

“Well I…that is, I…to whom am I speaking?”

“Madam, you are speaking to the one who can help you with your need. Which is, I’m quite certain, answers to a query about a loved one.”

Amanda nearly dropped the phone.

“Why yes! That’s amazing, how did you know?”

“Madam, I am the all knowing one.”

She felt her face flush and was ashamed of her foolishness.

“Of course. Forgive me. I’m rather new to this sort of thing, how exactly do I go about acquiring your services?”

He checked his Caller Line Identity unit and saw the trace was complete.

“Perhaps we should start with an introduction. My name is Bruce.”

“Good day Bruce, my name is – “


“How did you know that?!”

“Again, madam, I am psychic. That is why you called me, yes?”

“Well, yes, but…that is, I’ve never – “

“Dealt with a psychic before. I know.”

Amanda felt giddy. She had a very good feeling about what was to come.

“Well, Bruce, I hope it’s alright if I call you Bruce, I’m certainly impressed with your abilities. How do we proceed from here?”

“I will need to meet you in your home, Amanda. It is necessary for me to absorb the energy that surrounds you on a daily basis in order to assist you with your enquiry. I hope this is acceptable to you.”

She wasn’t comfortable with letting strangers into the house as a rule, but he was impressive and he had such a caring and professional manner. She decided at once.

“Well all right then Bruce, if that’s the way to proceed. I live at – “

“112 Bluebell Lane.”

Amanda felt as though she would pass out at any minute.

“Bruce, you are amazing!”

A deep chuckle tickled her ear and then,

“I’m quite sure I can be of service to you Amanda. When would suit?”

“I’m free tomorrow from one o’clock on. Would that work for you?”

“I’ll see you at one thirty. Until then, Amanda.”

She hung up the phone and let out a sigh. She couldn’t believe her luck. She had found someone who could help her find out what had become of her dear brother Edward. She had been worried sick for over a year and had resisted the urge to use a psychic.

Her friends had warned her away. Stuff and nonsense they had said. She wouldn’t tell them about Bruce until after he had success. Wouldn’t they be surprised! Imagine thinking it wasn’t a good idea.

Bruce Lawford sat back in his swivel chair and picked up his glass of Pinot Noir and swirled the wine around, admiring the clarity and colour. The call couldn’t have come at a better time. It hand been more than a month since the last mark, no, make that client, had been attended to.

This one sounded like she was loaded. The proper speech and manner, and the address in a high-class neighbourhood had all the earmarks of a winner. He drained his glass and got up to pour himself another.

Part 2 Tomorrow


2 responses to “The All Knowing One – Part 1

  1. This story certainly grabs me – well done so far! Eager to see where it is going.

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