The All Knowing One – Part 3

“So then, Bruce, it occurs to me that I’ve completely forgotten to inquire about the cost of your services. Inasmuch as we’ve already begun I feel a bit foolish.”

“Amanda, it’s all good. I am relaxed about such matters, what matters to me is achieving a satisfactory result for my clients. I will leave it to you to decide how valuable my help has been. I do have a general fee structure, but that’s not important at the moment. We must find your brother Edward.”

Amanda marvelled at the man who sat next to her. He was truly a knight in shining armour. She sipped her tea and basked in the warmth of his presence.

“Well then, Bruce, how do we proceed from here?”

“I should like for you to write down the basic details of your brother’s life, his date of birth, last known address, business interests, any friends you’re aware of, that sort of thing. It would also help if I had an article of his clothing or a personal possession you might have. I can get vibrations from these objects, you see.”

“Let me see…why yes, I believe I have a sweater he left behind when he stayed with me a couple of years ago. I can get that for you.”

“That would be wonderful. You say he spent time in this house?”

“Yes he did. He lived with me for a month when he was between addresses.”

“In that case I wonder if I might have a wander through the house to see what impressions I can gather. You could make that list for me while I do so. I promise not to be intrusive in my investigations.”

Amanda had an immediate sense of mild discomfort at the thought of a stranger wandering through the house but she reflected on the wonderful impression she had of him up to the moment and the fact that he was quite capable and quite possibly the answer to her prayers. She made a decision.

“You go right ahead Bruce. I’ll go make that list for you and be back here soon.”

He watched her leave the room and then got up and began his investigation. It usually came easy to him, but this one was going even better than he had hoped. He had her wrapped around his finger.

She hadn’t baulked at all when he glided over the matter of remuneration. When the time came she would write him a check for whatever sum he cared to name. The important thing now was to gather as much additional information as he could and set about concocting a story about Edward.

He would have to do some investigative work to try to ascertain whether Edward was still among the living first. How he proceeded after that would depend on what he could find out.

He moved quickly through the house and managed to find a wealth of material to work with. It was all going to be a piece of cake. When he heard her moving about downstairs he went back down and continued his patter.

“Ah, Amanda, all done with the list?”

“Yes, Bruce. I believe I’ve put down all the pertinent details.”

He perused the list and then put it in his pocket.

“Well done.”

“Have you gathered any vibrations of use?”

“Yes I have. I have a clear picture of your dear brother now, I believe. I’ll go away now and get to work. I’ll call you when we need to meet next.”

“Oh thank you Bruce. I’m so grateful I found you.”

“You were meant to, dear lady.”

Part 4 Tomorrow


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