The All Seeing One – Part 4

Bruce left the house with a huge smile on his face. This one had the potential to be a gold mine. The old bag was loaded and as gullible as they came. If he had scruples he might even feel a twinge of guilt, but being that he didn’t the matter was academic.

He decided to do a bit of celebrating; he needed information before he could proceed anyway. It would be good to keep Amanda waiting for information; she’d be keener that way. As he drove he took out the sheet of information she had given him and gave it the once over. It was more than he had hoped for.

He got out his phone and hit a number on speed dial.

“Hey, Freddy, got a little job for you. I need you to see if you can find anything on a guy named Edward Blake. He disappeared about a year ago. Might be a stiff, might be on the lam. The cops say they can’t find him, but you know how that goes.”

“Sure, Bruce. Transfer my usual fee tomorrow and I’ll get right on it.”

He gave Freddy all the information he had and hung up. He would know within a couple of days if there were anything he could use. From there he would know how to play the situation to maximum benefit.

He rang his latest squeeze and asked her how she’d feel about some champagne and caviar. He made reservations at his favourite restaurant and headed home. Life was good and getting better.

The next morning he checked his messages. Amanda had called. He wasn’t surprised. He took a shower and had breakfast before calling her.

“Good morning Amanda. You rang?”

“Hello Bruce. Yes, I was just wondering if you’d had any impressions yet about Edward. By the way, it was lovely seeing you yesterday.”

“Well, not just yet Amanda. Sometimes it takes a day or two for things to gel. Not to worry, I told you I will do everything I can and I will. It was great meeting you too. Now you leave all this to me and I’ll call you as soon as I have something to tell you.”

“Well, all right then Bruce. Goodbye.”

Boy, he thought, this one is really keen. He hoped Freddy could come up with something solid. He thought about calling him but he knew it wouldn’t do any good. Freddy would call the minute he had a line on the guy.

He called the newspaper and renewed his add. Had to keep bringing in the marks if he was to continue the lifestyle to which he’d become accustomed. When he was done he thought about what to do with the rest of the day and decided a round of golf might be in order. He called up a few friends he thought might be available and within the hour he had a foursome arranged. He called the club and booked it in.

Freddy heard the fax machine whir and rolled his chair over to see what had come in. He looked it over and as he read he arched one eyebrow. Boy, was Bruce in for a surprise. He rang him, but got no answer. He decided it could wait. He wasn’t through investigating anyway.

An hour later a figure sat in front of a computer and stared at the information that had just come up on the screen. Enquiries had been made. It wasn’t the first time, but this was different. This was not good. He closed the laptop and poured himself a scotch. Steps would need to be taken.

Tomorrow – Part 5


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