The All Knowing One – Part 5

Bruce and his friends celebrated at the nineteenth hole after an exceptional round of gold and he arrived home that evening in good spirits. He was whipping up a light dinner when he noticed the answer machine’s message light flashing. Great, he thought, must be a potential mark making an inquiry.

He listened to the message and sat down on the sofa afterwards to sort through what he had heard. The news was incredible. He was going to need time to decide how to proceed. This Edward Blake was no ordinary man. He got up and hit replay, he needed to hear it all again.

“Hey Bruce, I’ve got some information on this Edward Blake. You’re not gonna believe this. The Blake family are old money from way back. This guy’s father made a killing in steel futures somewhere in the long ago and ol’ Edward was his ne’er-do-well son. Anyway, seems he got himself in some sort of jam about a year ago, haven’t been able to piece it all together yet, something about money owed to somebody and he disappeared. Looked like a suicide, they found his car and all but not him, but the police didn’t think so. They looked into it then decided it was a dead end and gave it up. I’ll let you know if I can get anymore details.”

So Amanda was holding out on him. Of course she was. She didn’t believe her brother offed himself and she was hoping he wasn’t murdered. The police had washed their hands of it and she had nowhere else to turn but a psychic. Damn. How was he going to play this one? If Edward had gone into hiding he sure wasn’t going to want to be found and if he was dead, well, he could still get a decent payday out of that.

He decided he’d call Amanda in the morning and tell her he was getting danger vibes from the sweater she had given him of but it wasn’t clear exactly what the nature of it was. That would hold her for a day or two more and he could have Freddy go into overdrive to dig up more on good ‘ol Edward.

The black sheep of the family, was he? On second thought perhaps he should go to her place in the morning and play out a scene where he “divines” that little nugget of information to keep her in thrall. Yeah, that would be best. He called Freddy.

“Freddy, my man. Thanks for the information. Have you got a clearer idea of what Edward might have gone into hiding or been killed for?”

“Still working on it Bruce. I’ve got a guy in the police department with access to the files but it’s a weird thing. I asked him to go back and find out more after he gave me the details I passed on to you and he called me back and said the file wasn’t there. Somebody pulled it and he can’t seem to find out who.”

“Hmmm…sounds like maybe somebody knew he looked at it and didn’t want him doing it again. That can’t be good.”

“Maybe. He said it could be that someone made an enquiry about it or something relating to it and it was pulled for that. He’ll call me if he can track it down and see what else is in there. He didn’t have time to read the whole thing, he just got me some stuff and was gonna look at it later and now it’s gone.”

“Okay, thanks again Freddy. Call me when you’ve got something more. I’ve made a transfer to your account.”

He hung up and went the kitchen to pour a scotch. This wasn’t going to be straightforward after all.

Part 6 Tomorrow


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