The All Knowing One – Part 7

Later that afternoon Amanda was on the computer when the maid came in.

“A call for you Madam. He wouldn’t give his name. Said you’d know.”

“Very well Eleanor. I’ll take it in the drawing room.”

She went in and closed the doors behind her and picked up the phone.

“I told you not to call me here.”

“You need to hear this. There’s been activity.”

“Yes, I know. It has to do with actions on my part. Not to worry. I’ll send you an email with the details.”

She hung up, somewhat agitated and went out and told the maid to bring her a cup of tea. Then she went back to the computer and took care of business.

At the police station that afternoon a detective picked up the file in his inbox and looked it over for the second time. He tapped it against his chin for a moment and then got up and went to the Captain’s office and knocked.

“Come in.”

“Captain, about that file I was telling you about – “

“Which one?”

“The cold case, Edward Blake.”

“Oh yeah. What about it?”

“Somebody took the file for a while yesterday. I went to look up some stuff on it and it was gone. I asked around, but nobody had it, then it was back in the files an hour later.”

“Yeah so? What were you looking at it for?”

“I’ve been keeping tabs on the sister. I told you last year, something wasn’t right about the whole thing. Anyway, some guy has been coming and going over there. I ran his plate. He’s a psychic. She must still be trying to find her brother.”

The Captain shrugged and waved his hand.

“Don’t waste time, detective. That guy was no good. I’m sure he went to ground.”

“Okay, Captain, it’s just that – “

“No buts, detective.”


Bruce got home and checked his messages. A call from Freddy had come in. He punched in the number and waited.

“Freddy here.”

“Hey Freddy, Bruce. You rang?”

“Yeah, Bruce. Okay, I’ve got something new. This Edward Blake, he was into something big before he disappeared. A guy I know in the numbers racket says he was doing some bagman work for a big outfit in Chicago. He made a huge pickup one night two days before his car was found and he dropped out of sight. A week later the missing persons report went in. The mob he ripped off kept it all on the down low on account of they didn’t want the other mobs to know they’d been sucker punched.”

“So you think they found him and put him in the ground somewhere?”

“Who knows? Could be he got away and they’re still looking for him.”

“Okay, thanks, Freddy.”

Bruce hung up and rubbed his chin. This was interesting. Either way it looked like Edward Blake was never going to be found. The cops had lost interest and if the mob had caught up with him it was for sure he wasn’t going to surface ever again. He would have to decide how to play it with Amanda, but she would have to be told he had gone to the great beyond. Perhaps a séance would be in order. She could “talk” to Edward and get some closure and he could have a nice payday.

He decided to sleep on it and give her a call the next day. No need to move too quickly.

Tomorrow – Part 8


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