A Fairy Tale Too – Or Also – Or 2

This story is a sequel to the one posted yesterday entitled A Fairy Tale. If you have not read that one you should read it first and then this one. You will find it directly beneath this one.

A Fairy Tale Too

Gromellia sighed a long, sad sigh and turned her head this way and that. Still no sign of the giant whose company she had come to enjoy. She flew up to the top of the shrub and looked about but he was nowhere to be seen.

She was quite certain that this was the place he came looking for her. She returned to the toadstool she had been sitting on and resolved to wait awhile longer. When the sun began to sink low in the western sky so did her heart. He was not going to show. Just as he had not shown the day before and the day before that.

Returning home she tried not to let her disappointment show but being Gromellia it was painfully obvious to the clan that she was moping as only Gromellia could mope. The others moved away, trying hard not to be obvious, which left only her mother and herself in the small space they called a living area.

Her mother ignored her for as long as she could, but Gromellia was a force to be reckoned with even at the best of times. At last her mother could stand no more.

“Gromellia, what’s troubling you?”

Gromellia pirouetted in the dust as she was prone to doing in such times of distress and pretended she hadn’t heard the question.

“Gromellia, answer me young one, I grow weary.”

She stopped and sat down at the table and put her chin in her hands, staring at nothing in particular and sighed.

“Well, I haven’t wanted to tell you about it, but since it looks as if he will not be returning I suppose I might as well.”

“It looks like who will not be returning?”

Gromellia traced a pattern on the table with her finger and looked away as she spoke.

“I met a giant of some sort awhile ago. He was nice. We talked. He doesn’t speak our language but I was able to learn his quite quickly. It’s rather crude.”

Gromellia’s mother stopped what she was doing and stared at her daughter.

“A giant? Whatever are you talking about? There’s no such thing, Gromellia. You have an imaginary friend?”

Gromellia rolled her eyes.

“Mother, I’ve heard the elders whisper of them before. I know you have too. They’re real. I met one.”

“Gromellia, the elders say many things. They like to amuse themselves, and it gets them attention when they make things up. I’m sure you simply imagined this, this whatever. Giant. Why the very idea…”

“See, this is why I didn’t want to tell you about him! He’s real I tell you.”

“Gromellia, I know you’ve been lonely since we came here. You miss your friends, it’s only natural, and you – “

“But he’s real, I tell you! I’ve talked to him many times!”

“All right then, take me to him. Prove to me he exists.”

“I haven’t seen him for days. He told me last time I talked to him that his…what was the word…priest told him that I didn’t exist and he must stop believing in me.”

“What is a priest?”

“I don’t know. Some sort of elder or something I guess. Anyway I can’t very well show him to you if he’s not coming back.”

“I see.”

The mother thought for a moment and patted her daughter’s hand.

“Gromellia, I promise things will get better. Meanwhile, it’s not good to go about believing in things that aren’t real. It isn’t healthy. We are the Sidhee, and there is no other but we. If there were we would know it, now wouldn’t we?”

“But mother, I tell you – “

“Hush now, child. Do not distress yourself with imaginings. You listen to the foolish talk of the elders far too much. Go and do your chores now and we’ll have no more of this foolishness.”

Gromellia stomped out of the room, inasmuch as a fairy can stomp at all and decided her mother was the one who was foolish.


2 responses to “A Fairy Tale Too – Or Also – Or 2

  1. another great story , I am really enjoying your style , such a pleasure to find this site. Keep up the good work.


  2. godlessmonkey

    Thank you!

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