Making A Point – Part 7 – The End

The contents of the envelope caused the hair on my arms to stand on end. I had to sit down and put both items aside for a minute and take a deep breath. I thought about pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but I was all too aware that this was real.

Let me say that I am a wealthy man. I have been the target of attempted scams in the past; I’ve been solicited by businesses both legitimate and otherwise. People envy the rich but they don’t see the big picture.

You may recall I began my tale by saying it’s not everyday you hear of someone receiving his or her death certificate in the mail. Having been made aware of three people that had happened to it should have come as no surprise to receive my own. The difference in this case being that mine did not have a date and time of death on it. The letter that came with it explained why.

It goes like this:

Mr. Cox –

No doubt you have been wondering why three of your friends have met an untimely end, which was preceded by receiving their death certificates. It’s quite simple really. It was a demonstration of my abilities. What this is about Mr. Cox, is, to put it bluntly, extortion. You now know what I am capable of.

You will acquire two million dollars in denominations not larger than twenties and deliver them at a time and place of my choosing. If you fail to do so one of two things will occur. The DNA of yours that I have in my possession will be used to convince the police that you murdered your friends or you will receive an updated version of your death certificate with the missing date and time of death filled in. If the latter then I will make it happen. Again, you have seen what I’m capable of. Do not make the mistake of thinking I will fail.

If you contact the police in any way or make them aware of this letter the next deaths to occur will be those of members of your family. There is nothing in this world that can prevent that from happening.

This matter is non-negotiable. You are under constant surveillance and it would be most unwise to do anything other than gather up the money and await further instructions. I will be in contact again soon. I advise you to get onto this matter right away.

And so it is that I have contacted my bank and told them I am in need of two million dollars of my money as soon as possible. Soon I will no longer have to bear the burden of being a rich man.

The end.


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