A Most Unwelcome Obligation – Part 3

“Look, you little freak, I’ve got the hangover from hell and I’m really not in the mood for any shit right now. I told you last night, whatever it is you want you can get it yourself, and I’m not in.”

“Gerald, have you forgotten what happened when you refused? Go take a look in the mirror. That was just a taste. I can make your life quite unpleasant.”

“Yeah, like having you in it is a real picnic as it is.”

“No matter. Listen carefully. There is something I need you to acquire for me. I cannot do it myself for reasons that I won’t bother going into. I need a lock of hair from a virginal human female. She must be a female who has reached the ability to breed but has not had intercourse. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Gerald sat up in bed and stared at the demon.

“Listen you little asshole. I don’t know what you are or where you came from but I’m not going to find you a virgin or any other woman for that matter. Christ’s sake, what kind of demented shit is that anyway?”

“Gerald, for the last time, I’m quite serious about this. You will do as you’re told or you will suffer the consequences.”

Gerald lay back down and put his arm over his face to block out the rays of light that were stabbing his eyes.

“Disappear freak. You’ve had your fun.”

He waited for a response but nothing was forthcoming so he enjoyed the quiet a bit longer and then rolled over and looked at the end of the bed. The demon was gone.

A while later he stumbled to the bathroom and took some aspirin and got in the shower. By the time he had managed to get dressed he was feeling halfway normal. He had some breakfast and thought long and hard about the ride home and the reappearance of the demon. He had no way of knowing for sure that he wasn’t having hallucinations. Neither the bus driver nor the brute seemed to have noticed a small ugly creature on his shoulder. He was pretty sure it would have caused a ruckus if they had.

At any rate he had told it to be gone and it had gone. Perhaps when he was back to normal whatever had caused the situation would have disappeared with his hangover. He decided to stay sober for the weekend just in case.

In the afternoon he went into town and did some shopping and had lunch at a café. It was a brilliant day so he opted to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. The place wasn’t too busy and the only other table outside that was occupied had a couple at it. He glanced at them and could see they were new together. They kept making eyes at each other and touching hands. He felt a bit nauseated by it all but decided to ignore them. Just as his lunch arrived he saw the man at the other table look over at him and frown. He wondered what that was about but his burger was calling to him and he picked it up and took a bite.

A minute later the guy at the other table jumped out of his seat and approached his table with his fists balled.

“Who the hell do you think you are asshole?”

Gerald looked around, confused.

“Say what?”

“You heard me asshole. Now apologize to my girl before I pound your ass.”

“Apologize? For what?”

“So that’s the way you want it, eh?”

The right jab was so fast Gerald didn’t see it coming. Neither did he see the left hook that followed it. The man and woman left, the woman staring daggers at him as she passed. Gerald picked himself up off the ground just as the waiter came running. He was dazed and confused and one of his teeth was loose. His burger had lost its appeal.

Part 4 Tomorrow


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