A Most Unwelcome Obligation – Part 5

Gerald sat for some time in despair, unable to think how he could fulfil the demon’s task until a thought came to him. He had no idea why the demon needed the lock of hair or what it would do with it once it had it. Furthermore, what would the consequences be for him? Would the demon leave him forever if he did as it bade him?

He had no reason to believe that it would. He thought it over some more and decided he should try to find out who or what the thing was. He turned on his computer and used Google to search mythology sites for creatures with the characteristics of his tormentor.

After awhile he came to a site about a book called the Necronomicon. Supposedly it was a book of spells and demon lore more blasphemous and profane than any other ever conceived. It was popularised by the author H.P. Lovecraft, but many others had written about it. A book bound in human skin.

He skimmed the contents for any sign of his demon and finally a passage jumped out at him. It described a small hideous creature with red eyes that could take many forms and usually appeared on its victim’s left shoulder.

The next part chilled him to the bone. The creature was fond of taking over the bodies of humans to commit murder and mayhem, but could only do so once it had mastered its chosen victim by coercing them into performing a task of its choosing. When it tired of the body it was in it left, leaving the person dead, and began seeking a new victim. The demon’s name was Shazu, The Blighted One. It was claimed that many of the serial killers throughout history had been victims of Shazu.

Gerald sat back and rubbed his eyes. This was astonishing. If this thing was Shazu then he was in far more trouble than he had thought. He went back to reading. There had to be a way of stopping this thing.

A few paragraphs on he came to a description of a spell that could banish Shazu back to the dimension it came from if one was aware of the demon’s name and had not yet performed the required task. Gerald read over the words and then wrote them down on a piece of paper. He looked for the requirements of performing the spell. It wasn’t good.

The intended victim needed to call the demon by name when he appeared and then pour three ounces of his own blood over the demon and recite the spell before the demon could disappear. The blood was a way of slowing its response time. The success or failure of the task lay in how fast the spell could be chanted. If the intended victim was successful the demon was forced back to his realm and could not return to the presence of the person that had banished it.

Gerald saved the site location and turned off the computer. He picked up the piece of paper and sounded out the words on it. ZI KIA KANPA ZI ANNA KANPA ZI DINGIR. It was a mouthful, but if it were what needed doing then he would have to do it. The part he wasn’t happy with was the blood. He needed three ounces of his own blood to throw on the demon? He would have to get a kitchen scale or something and figure out how best to drain that much blood from himself. Just as he had gotten up the resolve to do the whole thing it occurred to him to wonder – what if this wasn’t actually Shazu? He would have to look into the matter further. He couldn’t afford to get this wrong.

Part 6 Tomorrow


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