A Most Unwelcome Obligation – Part 8

Monday and Gerald was back at work, the events of the weekend still very much on his mind and yet he still had the sense of calmness that he had gone to sleep with the night before. He had no problem concentrating on whatever task was at hand.

He brushed aside all casual questions about how his weekend had gone. A few of them had been at the party and inquired about his hangover. The day seemed to fly by and he felt light enough that when a co-worked asked if he wanted to have a beer after work with some of the others he agreed.

Four of them were sitting around a table at a pub not far from work having a laugh when Gerald felt a sharp poke in the side of his head. He flinched and one his co-workers asked him what was up.

“Oh, nothing, just a slight pain in my ear.”

They went back to talking and Gerald took a sip of his beer.

“I don’t know how you humans can stand that stuff Gerald.”

He ignored the demon. He couldn’t very well have his friends thinking he was talking to himself.

“I’m just checking up on you. Have you made arrangements for the lock of hair? Just nod your head if you have.”

Gerald though it through, it wouldn’t do to piss off the demon. He nodded.

“Good. Remember; just say out loud that you have it when you do. I will appear.”

He went on talking with his friends but the demon’s unexpected appearance had put a damper on his mood. A few minutes later he finished his beer and told them he had things to do at home.

When He got there he made himself a light dinner and then set about practicing the incantation again. An hour later he put the paper aside. He was certain he had it down. He could speak it in seven seconds flat. He had no idea if that would be enough but he couldn’t seem to get it below that.

The question remained whether he could do it that fast when the chips were down and it was show time. He put it out of his mind and got ready for bed. He needed to be rested and focused.

When he was getting ready for work the next morning he paused in the midst of knotting his tie as a possible wrinkle in his plan occurred to him. The demon was in the habit of appearing on his shoulder. How was he going to throw blood on it and say the incantation if he couldn’t see it?

He finished knotting his tie in the mirror as he thought it over and the answer came to him. He needed to be looking in a mirror when the demon appeared. He would have the blood vial concealed in his hand and he could just bring it up and throw it on him.

But what if the demon didn’t have a reflection? It was a worry. He needed to be able to find out. He hoped that the demon would make an appearance again to check up on him. He was still fretting when he got home from work.

He made dinner and then sat down to watch some television. He had a mirror right above it. Luck was on his side, Shazu made an appearance.

“Yummy looking dinner Gerald. Where’s the lock of hair?”

Gerald looked up and had to stop himself from grinning. He could see the demon in the mirror.

“I’ll have it tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very. It’s from a young girl at work. A devout Christian, I’m sure she’s a virgin.”

“Good work. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

With that the demon was gone.

Tomorrow – Part 9 – The End


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