The Hunger Within – Part 2

The next morning he awoke early and sleepwalked his way through his morning routine. By the time he was done showering he had achieved a functional state and was in the mood for breakfast. He was, however, not in the mood to cook. He got in his car and drove to a café nearby.

Fortified by pancakes and eggs washed down with two cups of fine caffeine he picked up the morning paper from a table nearby and perused the latest happenings. No mention of the latest murder until he got to page four, and at that only two paragraphs reiterating the previous days announcement that the police still had no clues.

He put the paper aside and closed his eyes. He allowed himself to remember but only for a moment. There was work to be done. He looked at his watch and saw that he’d best get moving. He left a nice tip and got in his car.

He parked around the corner from the house and got out his cell phone as he walked up the footpath to the front door. This was a gambit he had used before but it had been long enough that it shouldn’t set off any alarm in dear Mrs. Daniel’s head. He knocked on the door and stood back a pace. She opened the door but left the screen locked.

“Yes, may I help you?”

He studied her for a moment. Yes, she was the one. She would do just fine.

“Hello, I’m sorry to bother you, my phone died on me just as I was about to make an important call to my wife. I wonder if I might use your phone.”

He gave her a winning smile and held up his phone. She looked him over and wavered.

“I wouldn’t bother you, only it’s important that I reach her right away.”

She reached for the latch and he was in.

“Okay, It’s in the kitchen.”

He nodded and thanked her as he walked in and waited for her to lead the way. She walked ahead and he studied her from behind. It was remarkable how he could pick them out in a crowd. It was meant to be.

He picked up the phone and dialled. She stood watching him.

“Do you mind? It’s rather personal.”

She nodded and walked out of the room. He watched her go, cut the connection with his finger and began talking.

“Hi. Yeah, sorry my phone died. I had to get to another one. What’s that? Oh, sure I can hold for a minute.”

He put the phone in the cradle and went to the door and peeked into the next room. She was standing there watching something on television. He reached into his coat pocket and took out a switchblade and came up behind her. As she heard the blade flick open she tried to turn her head. He was too quick for her. One hand was over her mouth and other held the blade to her throat before she could scream.

He felt her trembling as he pulled her close. He felt the familiar roaring in his ears and his mind drifted to a familiar place. He breathed in her perfume and put his lips an inch from her ear. There it was, the familiar roaring of blood in his ears. The demons were dancing again. He would quell the hunger as he always did.

“I’m here, you’re here. It’s time for the lesson.”

He dragged her into the bedroom and threw her face down on the bed. Straddling her as she began to scream he put the knife just under her eye.

“Do that again and see what happens.”

She stopped screaming and began crying. He got the cords out of his pocket and began binding her. He looked up at the crucifix on the wall. He knew it would be there. They were all the same. They all got what they deserved. He took out some duct tape and put it over her mouth and went to work.

Part 3 Tomorrow


2 responses to “The Hunger Within – Part 2

  1. Thank you. This story is going to get more shocking as it goes.

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