The Hunger Within – Part 8

Oliver stopped at a newsstand on his way home and got a paper. Sitting down at the kitchen table he scanned the articles. He found what he was looking for on page five. He read it over quickly then threw the paper aside in disgust. Nothing but a recap of his work, some speculation about when he might strike again and another allusion to the new theory the police were working on.

He got up and paced back and forth in the kitchen. What theory? He needed to know. It was dangerous not to. His anger simmered and along with it the urge to proceed. They had no idea who they were dealing with. He would just have to show them. He gathered up his gear and went back out to the car.

Driving to Maria’s house he felt more in control. It was no good letting his fears take hold of him. He was the master of his universe. He had a plan and nobody was going to stop him.


Delgado was getting frustrated. His search wasn’t getting him anything that seemed useful. The archives on the paper’s computer didn’t seem to have a very good search engine. He sat back and rubbed his eyes and stared at the screen. A minute later an idea came to him. He typed in the word ‘crucifix’. A long moment later an article that dated back eleven years popped up and he sat bolt upright and began reading. Several minutes later he let out a long, low whistle.

“Hey Bill, get over here.”

“You got something?”

“Take a look at this.”

Franks read the article and sat back.

“Holy shit. This has to be it. It all fits.”

“Damn sure does. We have to find this guy and put surveillance on him right away.”

“How the hell did you find this?”

“Good police work, Bill.” He grinned and slapped his partner on the back.

When they got back to the police station they ran a check on Oliver Compton and got an address. DMV provided them with the make and model of the car registered to him and the plate number.

“My god, Al, this guy lived a nightmare. The mother is dead now?”

“Yeah, she died in the mental ward of the hospital she was committed to. Suicide. I can’t believe I didn’t remember this case. It was all over the news. She tortured that kid most every day of his life. The worst of it was raping him with a crucifix. She was convinced he was possessed but the local Diocese wouldn’t listen to her. You’d think they would have recognized a certifiable nut job when they saw one. He was put in the care of relatives but apparently he got strange on them and when he ran away they just didn’t bother to report it. The mother used to send him letters all the time while she was locked up.”

“Damn. We’ve gotta find this guy right away.”

“Yeah, we do. Let’s put an all points bulletin out on the plate number and then go check his place. I don’t want to spook him, we need to find him and put a tail on him.”

They headed out to his address but his car wasn’t in its parking place. They waited awhile to see if he would show but then gave it up.

“I don’t know Bill, I think we’re gonna have to wait for a confirmed sighting of the car. I just hope we find him before he strikes again. It’s been four days. He must be getting itchy by now.”

Franks nodded his head and sighed. Just then a call came through on the box. Delgado reached for the microphone.

Part 9 Tomorrow


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