The Hunger Within – Part 9 – The End

“This is Delgado, go ahead.”

“Unit 31, be advised that the registration number delta foxtrot tango six seven niner has been spotted westbound on Lincoln Avenue. Unit 16 has taken up surveillance.”

“Okay thanks, we’ll take it from here.”

Delgado contacted the unmarked vehicle following and got an update. They made a quick left and soon caught up to them parked in a leafy suburb on the outskirts of town. Delgado got out and climbed into their car.

“Hey guys, what have you got?”

“Your suspect is parked one block up. He hasn’t gotten out of the car since he parked. We don’t know what he’s up to.”

“You’ve been keeping an eye on him since he parked?”

“Yeah, here, have a look.” The detective handed Delgado his binoculars.

Delgado focused on the car and could see a man sitting behind the wheel. As he watched the man suddenly got out of the car. He was holding a mobile phone in his hand and he walked across the street to a house with a sedan parked out front.

As Delgado watched he knocked on the door. A blond woman fitting the profile of the victims answered the door. A minute later they both went inside.

“We’ve got action boys. Time to move.”

They got out of the car and Delgado motioned for Franks to follow. They walked quickly to the house, Delgado filling Franks in. When they got there the two pairs split up, Delgado and Franks taking the front, the other two going around the back. Delgado tried to peek in the front window but the curtains were drawn tight. He motioned for Franks to follow and they moved to the side of the house. They peeked in the window and could see Oliver using the phone in the kitchen while the blond woman waited in the living room.

As he watched Oliver put down the phone and crept into the living room, coming up behind the woman while he wrapped a length of cord around each hand. It was all on. Delgado told Franks to run to the back and tell them to get inside right away by whatever means necessary. He ran back to the front door and tried the handle. It was unlocked.

He opened the door being as quiet as he could. He could hear the struggle going on in the room just to left off of the hallway. He edged his way along the wall and peeked around the doorframe. Oliver had the woman subdued and was whispering something in her ear. He took out his service revolver and stepped into the room just as the back door crashed open. Oliver reached in his pocked and came up with a pistol, putting it to the woman’s head.

“Don’t come any closer. I’ll blow her brains out, I swear I will.”

“No you won’t, son. You don’t want to cause anymore pain.”

“Fuck you, cop. They deserve what they get. All of them!”

Franks and the other two detectives stood in the doorway with they’re guns drawn and pointed at Oliver.

“It’s all over now Oliver. Let her go.”

“Or what? Just get out of here, I have work to do!”

“Son, your mother is gone. She can’t hurt you anymore.”

“Don’t you talk to me about her! You don’t know what she did!”

“Yes I do. I know everything. Let us help you.”

Oliver felt tears stinging his eyes. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t the plan. He needed to know. He needed release. The hunger. The hunger gnawed at his guts. If only they would tell him.

He looked at the faces of the men. He was cornered. There was no way out. Maria struggled. This world had been nothing but cruel. They were all lying scum. He couldn’t let them take him. He would never have freedom again. His gun hand began to shake.

The memory of the crucifix his mother had used on him flooded in on him. There was only pain. Behind him, in front of him, everywhere. Pain and nothing more. He looked down at the gold cross around Maria’s neck. They all knew. They all reviled him.

He moved the gun to his temple. He heard voices yelling something. It didn’t matter anymore. He squeezed the trigger. No more pain.

The End

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