Setting Things Right – Part 4

The rest of the day passed unnoticed by Sam. He had been prepared for what he had to do and with that scuttled and the unexpected call from his ex-wife he had been thrown for a loop. He rambled about the house at loose ends. At one point he took out his project and checked that everything was in order even though he knew full well that it was.

When evening came he went through the motions of making himself a meal even though he had no appetite and ate little of it. He had a glass of wine and then another. By the time he had finished the second glass there seemed no reason not to finish the bottle and so he did.

He sat in front of the television not caring what was on, paying no attention. Later in the evening he got himself ready for bed and turned out the light but sleep would not come. He could only think of Johnny alternating with thoughts of Emily.

Their life together had been good until the tragedy. He harboured regret at the break up while still considering that she should have taken a clue and stopped nagging him to seek help. There was no help and that was that. Matters needed to be set right, why couldn’t she see that?

He was certain she had no idea what he intended to do. She would interfere if she did. It was just her way. They were finished and she had no right. He hoped she would understand one day. He had made arrangements for the aftermath.

He lay awake deep into the night, nodding off from time to time only to awaken with a start as he heard Johnny’s voice in his ear. In the small hours of the morning he finally drifted off from sheer exhaustion.

He awoke much later than was his custom and knew he must have overslept given the brightness of the room. He glanced at the clock on the nightstand and cursed himself. He had planned to get an early start.

He jumped out of bed and showered and dressed. He thought it would be best to skip breakfast but he found he was hungry having not eaten much dinner. He settled for a bowl of cereal with some out of date milk from the refrigerator and then got out the box containing the thing he had been working on for so long.

Putting on a loose overcoat he went to his car and got in and sat for a moment in silence looking at his house. As he pulled out of the driveway a sense of peace came over him and he breathed a sigh of satisfaction.

All the way to the police station he thought about nothing but the son he had lost. He had brought a picture of Johnny which he had placed in the inside pocket of his overcoat. He took it out as he drove and looked at it. He spoke words of reassurance to it and then put it away.

He parked his car in the public lot next door to the police station and got out. Checking that everything was in order he walked up the steps and through the doors with purpose to the reception desk.

The sergeant on duty looked him over and smiled. “How may I help you today sir?”

Sam made his face as calm and pleasant as he could. “I’ve come on a matter of some importance.” He handed over the list of detectives he knew would be in. “I need to speak to these detectives in private please. I have information of vital importance to them.”

Part 5 Tomorrow


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