Setting Things Right – Part 5

The desk sergeant looked perplexed for a moment and then smiled. “I see. Might I tell them what this information pertains to?”

“No, it’s for their ears only.”

“I’ll see who’s available. Please take a seat over there.”

Sam sat down on the bench. A few minutes later a tall thin detective of indeterminate age approached him and held out his hand.

“Hi. I’m Detective Anders, I understand you have some information about a case?”

Sam shook his hand and searched his eyes for any sign of recognition. He saw none.

“Hello Detective Anders. Yes, but I need to speak with Detective Albright and Detective Spears as well. Are they available?”

“Well, perhaps you could tell me what this concerns and we can take it from there. We’re in a meeting at the moment.”

“Then I will wait until all of you are available.” Sam sat back down and stared straight ahead.

Detective Anders considered his options and made a decision. “I’ll be back in a moment Mr., I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Samuel Vodanovitch.”

“Mr. Vodanovitch. I’ll be right back.”

Sam watched him walk down the hall and turn right. He looked straight ahead and stayed focused. The desk sergeant watched him for a moment then answered his phone. A brief conversation and then he looked at Sam.

“Detective Anders would like you to wait in the room to your left Mr. Vodanovitch. He said they’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

He got up and walked over to the room and opened the door and waved Sam in. When he got inside he saw a conference table, a whiteboard and a couple of computers on tables against one wall. He sat down at the conference table and folded his hands in front of him.

He knew they would be watching him on some hidden camera. He looked straight ahead and maintained a slight smile. Several minutes later the door opened and the three detectives entered.

“Mr. Vodanovitch, this is Detective Spears and this is Detective Albright.”

Sam nodded to each of them as they all sat down at the table opposite him. He studied their faces. It had been many months but he recognized each of them.

“Can I get you some coffee or water or something before we begin Mr. Vodanovitch?”

“No thank you. I won’t be needing anything.”

“All right then, would you tell us why you’re here?”

“I suppose you don’t recognize my name, do you gentlemen?”

Albright and Spears exchanged glances and Spears spoke up. “Actually we do, Sam. When Detective Anders told me you were here I remembered you from the inquest several months ago. It was a year ago today your son Johnny died, isn’t that right?”

Sam did a double take. He hadn’t expected this at all. “Yes, that’s right. I’m surprised you’d remember that.”

“It’s hard to forget, Sam. Let me assure you of that. The events of that day, well, it’s not something any of us can forget.”

They nodded their heads in unison; grave looks on their faces. Sam was at a loss for a moment, a rush of conflicting emotions running through him. He regained his resolved and was about to continue when Detective Anders spoke.

“Sam, I know it must be hard for you today, it being the anniversary of Johnny’s death and all. What can we do for you?”

His words were more than Sam could bear. He shot up from his seat reaching into his pocket with one hand and whipping open his overcoat with the other to reveal the flak jacket loaded with explosives. He brought the detonator out in the open and put his thumb on it and gazed at the dumbstruck faces before him.

“You can die, that’s what you can do for me. You took the life of my precious Johnny and now it’s time to set things right.”

Part 6 Tomorrow


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