Fun With Cancer – Part 3

Colin rode with them back to their place. They were roommates, which just made the whole thing that much more incredible for him, it was everything he had hoped it would be. In the taxi on the way back to his car he relived every moment of it in his mind. They told him they wanted to make his fantasy come true. They had done a commendable job.

He was exhausted by the time he got home in the early hours of the morning and he fell into bed and was soon in a deep, satisfying slumber. When he woke up he treated himself to a deluxe breakfast on his balcony and a prolonged examination of the morning paper.

He was wondering what he might do for his next conquest when his eyes fell on an ad in the personals section for support groups. One of them was for a cancer group that had recently formed. It was almost too good to be true. He noted the number and decided he’d give them a call later.

He needed to run some errands in town and checked his mail on the way out. Bills, ads, investment statement and an appointment reminder from his doctor. It was time for his annual physical. That was a drag. The doctor would wonder why he was so thin. He couldn’t really tell the truth on that one. He thought about ignoring it but decided he’d best just get it over it. He made the call as he got in the car and was told they had just had a cancellation and there was an opening for the next day. He took it since he nothing important to do.

As he made his rounds he checked out the beautiful women all around him. He had always been what was referred to as a pussy hound. It was just in his nature to want to bed every hot woman he saw. He had used every trick in the book to up his conquest count but it was often work. That’s what had led to him thinking of the cancer scam. It was evil, he knew, but what the hell. He wasn’t going to be young and hot all his life. Might was well make things as easy as possible. That he lacked scruples helped.

He took every opportunity that presented itself to chat up women he fancied, in shops and at a café he stopped at for lunch. He managed two new phone numbers, which gave both his ego and his spirits a boost. He shopped for the ingredients for a light dinner; he needed to keep his weight down to support the whole cancer story. He would think of a story to tell the doctor before he got there tomorrow.

When he got home he remembered the cancer group that had interested him and made a call. The group was meeting the next night and he was more than welcome to attend. Perfect, he decided. He would go and if nothing there interested him he would just blow it off.

The next morning he headed out for his appointment. It was routine and boring, but as he suspected would happen the doctor questioned his weight loss.

“Colin, you’re pretty thin, young man. Not eating much these days?”

“I do, doctor, I guess it’s just that I have a high metabolism and I work out a lot.”

“Hmmm…well, I’m going to take some extra blood and have them run a battery of tests just to be on the safe side. You can get dressed now.”

Glad that it was over for another year he decided to drive down to the beach and check out the action. He had the cancer group to attend that night and nothing on until then.

Part 4 Tomorrow


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