Fun With Cancer – Part 5

Driving home he couldn’t get Amelia out of his mind. He’d never met anyone like her. As he drifted off to sleep that night he was still thinking about her. He fell into a deep sleep and awoke well rested the next morning.

As he made himself breakfast it came to him that he’d had a strange dream. The more he tried to grasp it the more it eluded him so he gave up and sat down to read the morning paper and eat. Sipping his coffee brought back an image from the night before of Amelia holding her coffee cup. He remembered the smell of coffee wafting between them and all at once his dream came back to him.

He was walking along a dark hallway, feeling his way with his hands in front of him. Women appeared at random out of the gloom beckoning to him and then disappearing like smoke before he could react. At the end of the hallway he came to a door with a crescent moon on it surrounded by stars. He was compelled to enter and when he did he saw a table with a red velvet cloth on it, a deck of Tarot cards in the middle. Behind the table sat Amelia, wearing a tourmaline turban with a single feather adorning it and a luxurious emerald robe. A ring with a large princess cut stone gleamed on her finger.

She crooked her finger at him and indicated a chair opposite the table. He sat down and she began dealing out the cards into a Celtic cross. She studied the cards and picked one up without comment and held it out in front of him. It was the five of swords.

He stared at his food as he tried to fathom what the dream meant. He found it disturbing. He finished his breakfast and thought some more about Amelia. He couldn’t remember ever having a dream about a woman he knew, much less one as disturbing as this. She had gotten under his skin and he couldn’t figure out why.

Throughout the day he found himself thinking about her at random times, and about the dream too. He was so used to being in control of anything to do with women. He had never had what most people would call a real relationship. His mother had been cold and distant when he was a child and she had died when he was thirteen. His father was a wealthy businessman who took his wife’s death in his stride and left it to the housekeeper to watch over his only child. He had been living off of a trust fund since his twenty-first birthday and had little contact with his father.

Feeling a need for distraction he got out his little black book and rang one of the women he had met the day before. She agreed to meet him for coffee the following day and that both lifted his spirits and gave him something else to think about.

He spent the rest of the day reading and straightening up around his apartment feeling contented for the most part but aware that the dark-haired beauty with penetrating green eyes was there at the back of his mind. More than once he recalled the dream and tried to wish it away but it would not be denied.

Colin had never been one for thinking too deeply about things like dreams he seldom remembered them. Perhaps this one was trying to tell him something or maybe it was just that he found Amelia fascinating. He conceded that he wanted very much to see her again.

Part 6 Tomorrow


6 responses to “Fun With Cancer – Part 5

  1. Hey your stories are realy kickass! You realy have a knack fro critical thinking I was just wandering though. Why do you call yourself the Godless Monkey? Is there maybe a story behind it? Is it because you like Moneys? Or your an Atheist? lol Just curious

  2. Thank you Derrick. Glad you like them. Who is the Godless Monkey? Good question. I chose the name because, yes, I do not believe in a creator, at least not one who is personal, and because many Christians labor under the delusion that Darwinism means we evolved from monkeys, which is not what the theory of evolutions says. So since I am “godless” and believe Darwinism to be essentially correct, which would make me a monkey’s uncle according to many Christians I became Godless Monkey.

  3. Ah I see. So you dont beleive in a creator or at least in the personal sence. I knew it had to do with that and Darwinism in some way haha. Your Intro for yourself is pretty cool at the top when its all like. Who is the godless monkey? Some of that reminds me of certain books ive read. Did you put that just to mess with your readers head and arouse the imagination or in homage of writing or ideas that inspire you in your work?

  4. Don’t know. I just wrote what came to me.

  5. hello, I don’t know you.. not to sure why I am even here.. nor do I know why I am still reading your words.. other than the fact that you are quite good with your writings.. you keep ones attention.. which is good.. for keeping my attention is something most can’t do..
    don’t quite agree with you on some points.. like no God.. but then that is your view.. so what can one say.. we all have the right to have our own views..
    one thing I will say though.. if you do have cancer.. my prayers will be with you..
    yes I said “prayers”.. hope you don’t mind.
    and if you do.. then perhaps I will just light some candles for you.. no.. I will continue to say prayers.. just the way I am..
    as for the tariot cards.. throw them away.. they will do you no good..
    my view..”smile”
    hope your day is kind and soft.

    • Thanks for your comments. Most of my writing is not autobiographical. I don’t have cancer. At least not that I’m aware of. My views on religion are the product of more than 45 years of study and investigation. As for tarot cards, I used to find them of interest a long time ago but don’t own a deck. Not sure why you say they will do no one any good, as far as I’m concerned that’s true of all superstition religion included. Belief in anything that can’t be proven is wasted energy and faith is just another term for wishful thinking. All good things to you and I hope your day is kind and soft also.

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