Fun With Cancer – Part 6

He decided to call a couple of friends and have a boy’s night out as a way to put all the heavy thoughts out of his mind. They had dinner in a diner they all liked and then went bar hopping and shot some pool. His buddies were eager to chase some skirt but Colin wasn’t up for it, which really surprised them given his reputation. John was incredulous.

“What? You mean to tell me that blond over there giving us the eye does not interest you? C’mon man, you’re not playing for the other team now are you?”

Ed came close to choking on his beer and couldn’t stop laughing.

“No John. I’ve just got some stuff on my mind and I just wanted to put it aside, that’s all. I wanted to hang with you guys tonight, is that okay?”

They both shrugged and let the matter slide. Soon they were back to joking and giving each other stick. The night was back to Colin’s liking. All too soon it was time to call it a night and they split up and headed home. Colin was feeling mellow as he slid into bed that night. He was soon sound asleep.

When he woke the next morning two things occurred to him. One was that he had made a coffee date for ten and he needed to get moving. The other was that he had the dream again. His hiatus from the thoughts of the day before was short lived.

As he ate breakfast he willed himself to put it out of his mind. It would a couple of more days before he saw Amelia again, provided that she was even going to show at the next meeting. Besides, he had a new one to put his attention on. She was hot and he had every intention of putting on his best game face.

He got dressed and then made up his face in the mirror, practicing all of his looks. Satisfied that he was ready he headed out to the car and made his way downtown to the café they were to meet at. She was waiting when he got there, a good sign. He centred himself and walked over to her table and sat down.

“Hi Brenda. So nice to see you again, I’m glad you could make it,” He was off and running once again. In his element and loving it. He manoeuvred the conversation so that she was soon inquiring about his looks and why he seemed sad. He trotted out the “C” word and in no time at all he had her asking the right questions, how long he had and what he’d like most to do before his time came.

Not for the first time he didn’t have to wait for a second date to get where he wanted to be. They were back at her place before lunchtime. Afterwards as she cuddled into him and commiserated about his condition as he felt his mind drifting. He had trouble maintaining the charade. It was a bit of a problem but he was used to it. He gave it another half hour and then told her he had an appointment to attend to and promised that he’d call her soon.

Back out on the street he was contented but aware that things he’d rather not deal with were creeping in just the same. He was about to start the car when he decided he’d just have to confront matters head on. He sat back in the seat and closed his eyes and allowed himself to free associate. Within seconds the dream was at the forefront of his mind and he relived it again. For the life of him he couldn’t fathom what it meant. The tarot card kept coming to the fore. The image of her holding it out in front of him without a word. He would have to do some research.

Part 7 Tomorrow


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