The Beginning – Part 3

The next morning he awoke from a fragmented and dream-filled sleep to the same sensations he was having the day before, albeit at a reduced level. The pain between his eyes brought on by the whistling of the kettle had proved impervious to pain killers but was now at a level that didn’t prevent him from functioning.

He put in his earplugs and made him self some breakfast then showered and dressed for his appointment. The ride into town proved uneventful and he parked in the lot and composed himself before heading in to see the doctor.

Having never had an appointment with a therapist before he wasn’t sure what to expect but he did his best to keep an open mind. He reached the reception area and gave them his name, then took a seat and waited.

Several minutes later he was called into a room down the hall and found a tall, moustachioed man with a benign smile standing next to a desk. He took the proffered seat and waited. They exchanged pleasantries and then got down to business.

“Hello Ethan. I’m Andrew Phillips. I see Dr. Stanley has referred you to me about some distressing occurrences you’ve had of late. Would you fill me in on those please?”

He sat poised with pad and pen while Ethan gathered his thoughts.

“Well, doctor…”

“Call me Andrew, please.”

“Okay. Well, it started a couple of days ago. I was looking out the window. It was about to rain and I was watching the clouds. When the rain started falling I began feeling a sensation in my left arm as though I were outside and the drops were hitting me. Then it was happening in right arm and then my whole body. It was scary.”

“I see. Had you ever had a sensation like that before?”

“No, I hadn’t. It got so bad I ran outside and let the rain wash over me. It helped. The feel of the rain on my skin corresponded with the sensations I had inside. It calmed me.”

Ethan recounted the rest of the events that had transpired as the therapist wrote on his pad, tapping his pencil on his chin from time to time. When Ethan fell silent he began a series of questions.

“Ethan, can you recall anything unusual in the last few days before these events occurred? Any arguments with people in your life or anything unusual happening with your body? Any…unusual dreams?”

Ethan thought back over the last week but couldn’t remember anything out of the ordinary.

“No, nothing comes to mind.”

“How have you been sleeping of late?”

“Pretty good I guess. I…”

He remembered a dream he had the night before the rain incident occurred. Why hadn’t he thought of it until now? Odd. It had been a nightmare rather than a dream. He almost never had nightmares so it seemed as thought he should have remembered. Too much going on he guessed.

“You know, I had a nightmare the night before this all began. Hadn’t thought about it until now. It was horrible.”

“Go on, tell me about it.”

He found himself reluctant to relate it. It brought a chill just recalling some of the details.

“Okay, but it’s creeping me out thinking about it. I was in my bed in the dream, aware that I was asleep. I heard a small noise next to my ear and then I had the sensation of pressure, like an earache I guess. I reached up and touched my ear, my eyes still closed, and I felt a stabbing sensation in my finger. I remember my body going rigid and seeing myself gripping the sheets with my hands. I was paralysed. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move. I remember I woke up and sat up in bed. My head was covered with perspiration. It took me awhile to get back to sleep.”

The therapist had stopped writing and was staring at him. Ethan felt a chill tingling sensation run through his whole body.

Part 4 Tomorrow


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