The Beginning – Part 4

“What is it Andrew?”

The therapist looked down at his writing pad and then back up blinking. “I…I was just remembering something. Sorry. That’s quite a dream Ethan. You say you’ve just now remembered it?”

“Yes.” He was silent for a moment but Andrew sat waiting. “Seems like I should have remembered it sooner.”

Andrew had begun writing again and finished what he was doing before giving a response. “It’s not uncommon to suppress nightmares Ethan.”

Ethan nodded but he couldn’t shake the feeling that the therapist wasn’t being forthcoming with him. He started to ask why but Andrew had more to say.

“Ethan, I can’t say right off what might be causing your condition but I think it would be wise to see you three times a week for awhile. Are you able to make that commitment?”

“Well, I’m frightened of going outside much. I seem to take into my body a lot of what I see and hear. It just seems dangerous.”

Andrew was nodding. “I know Ethan, but you’ve had some serious trauma and we need to find out what’s going on.”

Ethan nodded, not at all certain he could manage but willing to try.

“Good. Now is there anything else you can tell me about the day or two before this began. Think hard. Even small things might provide us with a clue to what’s causing your condition.”

Ethan decided to try the direct approach. “Andrew, it seems to me you’re looking for something specific. Something that would confirm a suspicion you have. Is that the case?”

“I don’t know what you mean Ethan. I’m trying to help you. I have no suspicions, I’m looking for clues.”

Ethan nodded and looked away for a moment. Maybe it’s just the stress getting to me he thought. He thought about the days leading up to the rainstorm. Something came to him.

“Well, I was working in the garden the day before the rain came. I have a vegetable patch behind the house. I was digging up some lettuce and there was this beetle or something on my wrist. I slapped at it with the spade I was using to dig but I missed and I thought I saw it go up my sleeve. I unbuttoned it and rolled it up but there was nothing there.”

Andrew nodded and wrote on his pad. He didn’t make eye contact and Ethan wondered if that were significant. He finished and looked up.

“Gardening. What else did you do that day?”

“Not much. I spent a couple of hours on my garden then went inside and played some computers games. After that I made dinner and watched television.”

“Then you went to bed? Did you take a shower before you went to sleep?”

“No, I shower in the morning.”

“So you showered after the dream you had?”

“Yeah. What’s this all about? What does taking a shower have to do with what’s going on with me?”

Andrew seemed to think about his response. “Nothing I suppose. Just trying to get a sense of everything you did leading up to the event. You said you were standing at the window looking at the thunderheads just before the sensation started, is that correct?”

“Yes. It started when the rain did.”

“All right Ethan. That will do for today. Please make an appointment with the receptionist for day after tomorrow.”

He stood up and they shook hands and Ethan left the room, closing the door behind him. Andrew put his head in his hands as soon as Ethan was gone and then stared at his phone. He picked it up and began to punch in a number then thought better of it and put the phone back down.

Part 5 Tomorrow


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