The Beginning – Part 7

Ethan stared hard and tried to wrap his mind around it all. “So I’m not the only one. What about the other person? I know there are at least two others. They’ve both disappeared.”

Andrew sighed and composed himself. “Ethan, I don’t have any answers. I didn’t want to bring up the others because I just don’t know what’s going on. I asked you to commit to continuing this because I’m hoping we can figure it out.”

“Andrew, if there are others then how could this be in my head? I mean, doesn’t that mean it’s physical?”

“Again, Ethan, I don’t know. We need to explore all angles. I’ve contacted your doctor and requested he refer you for a CAT scan. I do think, however, that therapy needs to continue until we find some answers.”

“You mean, even if it turns out to have a non-mental cause it could be…”

“Yes, it could still have a profound affect on your mind. I want to help you Ethan. I can see this is affecting you quite a bit.”

Ethan nodded. He couldn’t disagree with any of it. “Okay. I said I’d keep coming. I just hate going out now. Along with everything else now I have this pain in my leg.”

Andrew continued to ask questions about the time leading up to the beginning but Ethan couldn’t add anything more to what he had already related. The only thing that seemed as though it could be significant was the gardening.

“Ethan, you said there was something crawling on your arm and you tried to hit it with the spade you were holding, is that correct?”

“Yeah. I guess I must have missed it.”

“You didn’t see it crawling away on the ground? If you didn’t hit it and it wasn’t up your sleeve it must have gotten away.”

“I suppose. I didn’t see it anywhere.”

Andrew made some notes. “And in your dream something was crawling on your ear?”

“My nightmare. Well, no, I heard a sound and then there was this pressure in my ear. I put my finger in it and there was a sharp pain and then I was paralysed.”

“And that’s all you remember?”

“Yeah. I woke up after that. It was horrible.”

“When you woke up from the nightmare do you remember anything about how your body felt?”

“No, everything seemed normal.”

“No pain, no paralysis?”


“All right Ethan. You should hear in the next day or two about your CAT scan appointment. If it conflicts with your appointment here we’ll reschedule this, otherwise I’ll see you back here on Friday.”

Ethan left wondering what purpose the questions about the gardening and nightmare were about. He stopped for groceries on his way home and then made it back without incident. He had picked up a couple of movies; he just wanted to have a quiet evening in.

He lounged around the house the rest of the afternoon and when evening came he made himself some dinner, put a movie in and settled down. He was watching a comedy that had been recommended to him. Something about two bumbling idiots that plan a robbery and make a mess of it.

He was half way through it when one of the actors, carrying his gun in his pocket managed to shoot himself in the foot. In hindsight he supposed he should have know it was a bad idea. As the scene unfolded he felt a horrible burning sensation in his foot and nearly knocked his dinner onto the floor. He couldn’t believe how bad the pain was.

He turned off the movie and tried to breathe through the pain. He wondered if he would ever be normal again. Sleep was a long time coming that night.

Part 8 Tomorrow

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