Sneeze Louise And Sneezle The Wheezy Weasel

Photo by Veronica McLaughlin

An extreme flash fiction story today. Enjoy.

Sneeze Louise took four and half steps in a southwesterly direction turned in a half circle, curtsied and placed her left hand on her hip. The desired effect was not forthcoming. Sneeze Louise allowed herself a fit of pique, though admittedly there was no one to receive said fit, Sneezle not being fit for the fit.

She regarded him with a furrowed brow but he wasn’t about to wear it.

“I dare say that should have worked. Pity, really.”

“Oh, you think that do you? Fat lot of good that does us.”

If weasels had shoulders he would have shrugged. Instead he cocked his head. “You asked for a suggestion of how we might extricate ourselves from our predicament. I gave you one.”

“Oh please sir, might I have another?” Sneeze Louise was very good at sarcasm.

Sneezle wrung his paws for a few seconds then scratched his neck and sniffed the air.

“You know, I do believe there are some Psilocybe mexicana just over the hill. Might just do the trick for us. Shall we?”

Sneeze Louise sneezed. “You know my allergies act up at the very thought of eating mushrooms of any sort.”

Sneezel wheezed a wheezy laugh. “Hello, that’s rather the point then, isn’t it? Or have you forgotten the last thing that happened before we found ourselves here?”

They proceeded forthwith to the shrooms. Sneezle gathered up a paw full and held them under Sneeze Louise’s nose. In a matter of seconds she began a series of violent sneezes. Sneezle grabbed onto her tight as the air around them whirled faster and faster.

Back in their dimension he chided her with gentleness. “Do be more mindful of your allergies from now on, won’t you?”

Louise sneezed once more.


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