David vs The Pig

David tapped away at his keyboard, immersed in the goings on of his friends in the chatroom. Thankful that it was Saturday and he had no obligations hanging over him he settled deeper into his chair and lost himself in the banter.

A few minutes later he became aware of a peculiar feeling creeping over him and he looked up from his laptop and glanced around the room. At first nothing registered and he went back to typing but the feeling persisted.

Another quick glance around and then he realized what it was. The pig. It was staring at him. Just like the time before and the time before that. He tried to look away but there was nothing for it. The pig wasn’t going to stop staring. Worse, it had that small grin on its face. The come hither grin as David had come to think of it. It was something his mother used to accuse his father of doing.

He turned his seat around and readjusted his laptop so that he couldn’t see the pig. Still, he could feel it’s beady little eyes boring into him. He did his best to lose himself in the chat but after awhile he couldn’t take it anymore. He slammed the laptop lid down and went to the kitchen for a snack.

As he sat at the table eating he found he couldn’t stop thinking about the pig. It was a curse he told himself. Why he had agreed to take it he really couldn’t remember other than it being rude to refuse a gift. He put the thought out his mind and grabbed his coat. He would go for a walk in the afternoon sunshine.

No one was around and he soon found himself down at the lake. With no breeze the surface was placid and he decided to practice skipping stones. He hadn’t tried it in longer than he could remember but like riding a bike it was something you didn’t forget how to do. He lost himself in counting the number of skips he could achieve.

Energized, he decided to do a few laps around the lake and returned home exhausted but happy. He changed his clothes and went back to his computer to check his email. He had no more than downloaded when he could feel the eyes upon him again.

He told himself it was silly. It was no big deal. Still, he knew the pig was staring with intent. It won out. It always did. He locked eyes with it. It was grinning at him. There could be no doubt. He felt his pulse begin to race. Stupid pig. He knew what it wanted but he was not about to give in.

He found himself fantasizing about possibilities. No, it would be wrong. There would be consequences. Still…but no, he wouldn’t do it. He began reading his email and willing himself to ignore the pig. Those eyes. Those damned beady little eyes.

He reached the tipping point before he even realized it. He found himself standing up and reaching into his pocket. Anger welled up in him and he raced to the kitchen. There, third draw down. Where the tools were kept. He jerked the draw open and grabbed what he needed.

Back in the room he confronted the pig. “I’ve had it,” he bellowed, “You hear me? I can’t take it anymore!”

The hammer was above his head as though by a will of it’s own. He felt himself bring it down with brutal force. Ceramic shards flew everywhere as the cold metal found it’s mark. Coins scattered all over the room.

David collapsed in his seat, his head swirling with mixed emotions. Drained, he wondered how much he had managed to save before his willpower gave out. He would go to the bank on Monday and open an account. Time for a video game or two and a Twinkie.


2 responses to “David vs The Pig

  1. Monica McLaughlin

    Oink, oink. Good story. Nice surprising ending.

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