James 1:15

Jonathan felt something hard and wet hit the back of his neck but he did not stop speaking into his loudhailer or even flinch. It was business as usual. He looked down at the apple core and then turned away. Ignoring the laughter he pressed on with his sermon. He was doing the Lord’s work and he would not be dissuaded.

“I tell you again, you are lambs of God. Open your hearts and let the love of the lord fill you.”

“Hey buddy, I’ve got something here you can get filled with.”

More raucous laughter ensued. Jonathan turned away from those sinners and addressed another group lounging on the grass. “Be you washed in the blood of the lamb and all your sins will be forgiven.”

“Dude, bathing in lamb blood? Kinky! Is Carrie your sister?”

The roar of guffaws washed over him like a sea of vileness but he was unmoved. He wandered further down the quad and continued his exhortations to the students moving between classes and those simply enjoying the warm spring day.

He carried on for another half hour and then went to the vending machine to get something to quench his parched throat. As he put coins in the slot a passing couple jeered him.

“Hey, preacher boy, why don’t you shove that bullhorn up your ass and fart us a tune.”

He sat down at a table and let out a weary sigh. It was a difficult path the Lord had set for him but he would not be turned away. If he only saved one wretched soul it would be worth it. His faith was being tested, but compared to Job it was a light load to bear.

Another hour of preaching and he called it a day and headed home. That night he prayed for guidance. He had chosen his alma mater as the venue for his ministry because the debauchery he had witnessed in his years there was indelibly etched on his mind. He just knew the lord wanted him to minister in that hotbed of depravity. He was called upon to save those poor misguided souls.

It had been so long and his work seemed to go nowhere. He needed to know what he should do. As he prayed he heard a voice in his head. It told him to go to his Bible with his eyes closed and his heart open. To run his finger down a page at random and God would speak to him thus.

He did as he was told. He opened his eyes and looked. James 1:15. He knew all at once what God wanted of him. He was called upon to act. He thought back to the days of his youth. How he and his father had fished and hunted together. Of course, it had been so long. He slept well that night.

The next morning he went to his closet and got what he needed. He dressed and took up his gear and headed for the quad in the early morning light. He needed to meditate and prepare for the task the Lord had commanded him to undertake.

He arrived and stared at up at the bell tower as the bell tolled seven. He closed his eyes and gave thanks to almighty God for allowing him to be a conduit of his righteousness. He climbed the steps and sat down to pray.

At eight they began arriving He looked down upon them and smiled. God’s lambs would soon glory in his presence. He took out his hunting rifle and loaded it. He laid it against the wall and took up his loudhailer once more.

“Listen. Listen all of you. I am the Lord’s servant come to do his will. Your time is at hand.” He put down the loudhailer as the crowd down in the quad gazed up at him, shook their heads and went on about their business.

As the first shot rang out and a student’s head exploded in a spray of blood and tissue the panic and screaming began. As the next three fell where they stood hysteria reigned supreme in the quad.

Jonathan had a dreamy smile on his face as he continued shooting. He was doing the Lord’s work, all was right under heaven. He remembered the passage well. James 1:15 – “Then the lust, when it has conceived, bears sin; and the sin, when it is full grown, brings forth death.”


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