The Doppelganger – Part 1

Steve shook his head in disbelief and made a quick u-turn. Horns were honked in anger but he couldn’t be bothered about it. He had to know if he had been seeing things or if the person walking down the street in the opposite direction he was travelling really had been him. Or more to the point, someone who looked exactly like him.

He drove slow and searched every face on the street. Again, angry horns at his actions but he had to know. Two blocks on he didn’t see the man he thought he had seen and he gave up his search. It haunted him the entire way home. He was certain that the man he had seen was his exact double. How was that possible?

He had heard of doppelgangers before but he had never known anyone who claimed to have had one. He opened the door to his new townhouse and stood in the middle of the living room. His wife having left him a month ago he was still adjusting to his new life. Perhaps that’s what this is he thought. Just stress and alienation playing tricks on his mind.

A glass of wine and then another, the evening news on but nothing registering he sat in his lounge chair and couldn’t get the image of himself walking down the street as he drove by out of his mind. He had been approaching a light, so he was driving slow and had plenty of time to look carefully at the man on the sidewalk. He had looked just like himself. He couldn’t be any more certain.

What did it matter? Why was he obsessing about it. It wasn’t like him to react this way to things. Then again, he had never encountered himself before. A third glass of wine and he was feeling more mellow. He put a movie in the DVD player and let his mind fold into the action.

He woke up sometime after midnight. The theme song from the movie was playing over and over. He turned off the player and television and managed to brush his teeth before he crawled into bed. He drifted off thinking about his strange afternoon and was soon out cold.

The next day he headed for work with a clear head. He had decided over breakfast that he must have been seeing things and therefore it was best to put the matter out of him mind. He was busy writing a report when Fred from accounting walked past his office and gave him an odd look. He didn’t give it any thought; Fred was a bit of an odd duck.

He had brought his lunch and was sitting in the break room when he spotted Fred sitting a couple of tables away, again giving him a strange look. He smiled and waved his sandwich and Fred got up and came over to his table.

“Hey Fred, what’s up?”

“Hi Steve. You want to tell me what that was about last night?”

“That? What that Fred?”

“Oh, I see. Okay, never mind. I didn’t know you were into mind games.”

“Mind games?”

“Whatever Steve.”

Fred got up and left the room. Steve sat bewildered with a bit of sandwich in his mouth unheeded. He sat for several seconds trying to figure out what had just happened and then began chewing. He finished his lunch and headed back to his office.

He went back to his report but he was bothered by the exchange with Fred. Odd as he could be at times the exchange in the lunchroom wasn’t characteristic of him. He resolved to clear the matter up next time he saw him and put his mind back on his work.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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