The Doppelganger – Part 3

The next day at work Steve did a little online research on doppelgangers. The news was not good. Doppelgangers were thought to be harbingers of evil. Their appearance has never been known to be good. He read a bit on historical reports of them, Lincoln, Percy Shelly and a couple of others but the gist of the matter was that it not a desirable thing.

All of which made him all the more determined to search for this mysterious stranger after work. Leaving the office that afternoon he saw Fred again but managed to avoid having to talk to him. He stood on the sidewalk for a minute trying to decide on a course of action. It was too soon to head for Harvey’s, if his doppelganger was going to be there it would be later.

He decided to head for the area where he had seen him walking down the street. It was as good a place as any to start. He looked at every face on the street as he walked. A few people gave him odd looks but he paid that no mind. He was a man with a mission.

Standing in the spot where he had seen him walking Steve looked around for a clue as to why he might have been in the area. He went into some the shops on the off chance his double had transacted business. He was hoping a clerk would recognize him and say hello but nothing happened.

He continued along in the direction his double had been walking but after a few blocks he decided it wasn’t going to come to anything. It was getting on to dinnertime so he found a café with a menu that appealed and went in to eat.

He took a window seat and ordered and watched the foot traffic while he waited. As he took a sip of water he almost dropped his glass. There across the street was his doppelganger standing just off the curb. He signalled his waiter to come over and told him he had to go outside for a moment but that he would be right back.

He hurried out the door just in time to see his double get into a cab. He ran madly down the street after it and managed to memorize the plate number but he could only watch the taxi disappear. He went back to the café and took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down the plate number.

His dinner arrived and he ate it without attention. He was excited by the turn of events. There could be no doubt whatsoever that his double existed. He had seen him twice and Fred had seen him once. Better than that, he was hanging around this area, an area that he, Steve, had frequented for years. He and Sara had spent many nights in restaurants here and seen shows in the area.

The thought of his ex-wife aggravated him and he put her out his mind right away. Before he did he thought how funny it might be if she were to run into his doppelganger mistaking him for her ex-husband. That brought a brief smile to his lips.

He decided it was time to head for Harvey’s. The taxi had been headed in that direction so it was worth a try. When he got there he searched everywhere but his double was not around. He hung out for while, sitting in a dark corner from which he could watch the whole place. Two beers later he gave it up for a lost cause and headed back to his car and drove home. He had the weekend ahead of him and therefore time to think things over.

Part 4 Tomorrow


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