The Doppelganger – Part 4

The next morning Steve was up bright and early. He called the taxi company and told him about the incident and asked if they could give him the name of the driver who made the pickup. That was a dead end. Giving up on that he made breakfast and thought about what he should do next.

Over bacon, eggs and toast he decided a return to the area to hang out and wait for another sighting would be his best bet. It occurred to him he had no idea what he would actually do if and when he caught up with his double but he knew it the thing to do. He put his plate in the dishwasher and went to take a shower.

He headed for the street and parked his car in a parking lot and then strolled around, going into various shops to see what might happen. No one paid him any attention and by lunchtime he was growing weary of the whole thing. He found a nice place with tables outside, sat down and looked over the menu.

Out of the corner of his eye he registered a sight he couldn’t believe. He put down the menu and craned his neck to see if he had been imagining things. He hadn’t. There across the street getting out of a taxi were Sara, his ex-wife and his doppelganger. They hurried into a store, Sara looking nervous, her eyes darting everywhere. They didn’t want to be seen.

He jumped up from his seat then stopped and sat back down. This was big, whatever was going on. He needed time to think. He decided he didn’t want them to see him so he left and crossed the street and stood in a doorway where they wouldn’t see him when they came out.

He didn’t have long to wait. They came out; both of them looking nervously about and then hailed another taxi and got in. Steve had lost his appetite so he went and got his car, ran a few errands and drove home.

By the time he got there the pieces had begun falling into place. He asked himself where Sara had found another man that looked just like him and why she would take up with such a man. The answer to the second question didn’t take long to come. His mother had died not long after they divorced. He was in line for a very large inheritance, which was currently undergoing probate.

He knew for a fact Sara was annoyed about the situation. She had implied on more than one occasion that he should give her a share when it came through, which he had made clear was never going to happen. Thus the constant tension every time she called.

That left the question of where she had found someone who looked exactly like him and what she was doing with him. An idea came to him that was at once both frightening and fitted the situation perfectly. What she had done was found a man that resembled him quite a bit. She had formed a plan to get his inheritance. She had told her new playmate there was a fortune to be had. All he had to do was have plastic surgery and voice lessons to make him a replacement.

In short, they were planning to murder him. The shock had him sitting and staring into space for quite some time. No doubt they were scheming to have his double move into his house and take over being him. When the inheritance came through he would “get back together” with Sara and they would live happily ever after.

That was not going to happen. Of that Steve was certain.

Part 5 Tomorrow


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