The Doppelganger – Part 5

His mind reeling from the horror he was facing, Steve couldn’t concentrate enough to even begin to think what he was going to do the stop them. He was aware that he could be wrong, that maybe he was leaping to a false conclusion but he could think of no other reason a man who looked exactly like him was involved with Sara.

It had to be the truth. If he were honest with himself he knew she was quite capable of formulating such a plan. He had loved her, but even before he married her he knew she had a cold, calculating side. He had seen it several times. She had used to it to great affect on family members she felt had betrayed her. She had even speculated out loud about the feasibility of killing her sister over a matter that seemed small to him. He had been so shocked he told himself she was just letting off steam.

The thing that puzzled him was why they were taking chances being seen in public together in an area where they might run into people that knew him. Did she want people to think that they were back together? If his double were appearing in that area by himself then it would be to acclimate himself to places Steve frequented a lot. But why had they been there together?

He thought about what he had seen. They had gotten out a taxi and went into a shop then back in a taxi and away. The shop they had gone into might well hold a clue. He would have to go back and see what shop it had been. Tomorrow was Sunday and the shop might be closed so he got back in his car and headed out.

He parked in a covered garage and walked to the place he had seen them go into. It as a jewellery shop. He stood outside for a while and considered his options. If the person who had waited on them was there he was sure to be recognized. Still, he needed to know what was going on. He needed to find a way he could follow them. He screwed up his courage and went inside.

The place was busy so he moved around the displays and pretended to be looking for something. One of the clerks was glancing at him as she waited on a customer. When she was done she walked over to him.

“Mr. Banks, back so soon? I’m afraid the locket isn’t ready yet. I did tell you Tuesday and that we would call.”

“Oh, right,” he had to think of something fast, “Actually I’m here because…”

“You want to change the inscription?”

“Well, no, I…this is embarrassing. I’m not sure you see. Could you tell me exactly what we decided on?”

She gave him a quizzical look but went to the computer and looked it up. “Here it is, to second chances and a lifetime of happiness.”

“Ah, yes, all right then. I was afraid I had said to second chances for a life of happiness. That’s fine then, I just wanted to be sure.”

“Well you could have called. I’m sorry you had to come all the way down here.”

“No, no problem, I had another matter to attend to. Listen, would you do me a favour and keep this between us? I don’t want Sara to worry.”

“Oh certainly Mr. Banks. It will be our secret. So we’ll see you on Tuesday?”

“Yes, thank you.”

He hurried out of the shop and went across the street to the café to have a beer. His heart was racing. He had been right. They were setting everything up for a “reunion” after they got rid of him. The game was on.

Part 6 Tomorrow


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