The Doppelganger – Part 6

That night he thought long and hard about what to do. They had to be stopped, but how? Involving the police was right out. If he went to them with the truth they would never believe it. He could hardly believe it himself. Without proof of what they were up to they would tell him to go home and forget about it. Then, if he did anything drastic they’d know just who to look for.

He would have to take care of it himself. Therein lay a problem. He had no stomach for violence. He thought of just confronting them with what he knew but at best they would laugh at him, at worst they would kill him on the spot. It was a real dilemma.

He decided the first thing he needed to do was find out where they were staying. He would go to the pickup on Tuesday. Park near the jewellery store and tail them when they left there. Then at least he could keep tabs on them. He could take some time off work so that he could follow their movements at will.

He put the situation out of his mind as best he could. On Monday he told his boss he needed a week off to deal with personal matters and got the okay. The following day he drove to the jewellery store and parked his car down the block. With no way of knowing when they would show up he could only sit and wait.

It was nearly noon before they finally showed. This time they arrived by car, which he hadn’t been expecting and he ducked just in time to avoid being seen as they parked. He watched them go inside, again looking around to make sure no one they knew was on the street and he started his engine and waited for them to come out.

He followed them discretely to a suburb just south of town. They pulled into the driveway of a small apartment complex and he watched them go to the second floor and enter their place. He felt better knowing where they were. He stayed parked half a block away and stared at the apartment. He wondered how long they had been together. How had she found someone who looked enough like him and how had she managed to talk him into this scheme. Money was a great motivator.

He still didn’t know what he was going to do about them. Now at least he had time to think. The question was how long. He headed home, picking up some take out for dinner and a bottle of wine. It was going to be a long evening.

On the way home he reasoned that the biggest impediment to stopping him at this point was that he did not know what their plan was. He needed some way to bug their apartment or something to find out what they were up to.

He was in the middle of dinner and watching a movie when the phone rang and things fell into place.


“Hi Steve, it’s me. I know you don’t like me bugging you about the mortgage thing but look, we really do need to get this settled.”


“And I was wondering if you could make some time this week that we could get together and talk about it face to face since we don’t seem to get anywhere on the phone.”

An alarm went off in his head. This could be it. He decided he’d better go along for the time being at least.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, I thought some place neutral and private would be best. I have a property I’m looking after for some friends in San Raphael. You could come over and we could talk.”

“Okay, when?”

“How about Thursday night at 7?”

She gave him the address and he hung up. So this was it. Now he knew when it was supposed to go down. He needed to make a plan and make it fast.

Part 7 Tomorrow


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  1. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

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