The Doppelganger – Part 7

He was awake late into the night going over every aspect of the situation. His ex-wife wanted him dead; there was no getting around it. He had less than forty-eight hours to find a way to thwart her. At first he could think of nothing but then he decided the key to the matter was the doppelganger. The fact that they looked and sounded exactly alike had to somehow work in his favour.

The following morning it came to him. He drove to the address she had given him for the meeting. He parked down the block and then went up to the house and had a look around. It was secluded and set back from the street, as he knew it would be. He determined that no one was there and then began looking for a way in. At the back door he felt around the frame and looked under flower pots until he found the key he hoped would be there.

He let himself in and familiarized himself with the layout of the place. He determined where best to hide and still be able to move on a moments notice. It was a broom closet that they wouldn’t have any reason to go into when they came over to put their plan into action.

Satisfied that this part of his plan was workable he left, taking the key with him. The only thing now was to be certain he arrived back before they did so he could lay in wait. He was scared, there was potential for the plan to go wrong but it was the best he could come up with.

He drove home and spent the rest of the day going over every possibility. In order for it to work he needed to separate them for a short period of time. He was assuming his double would be there with her when she arrived. It seemed reasonable; it was unlikely she would try to kill him without back up being there. If he were correct then his plan was as good as it could be.

That evening he went through his wardrobe looking for clothes Sara would readily recognize as his. He thought about items she hadn’t liked seeing him wearing. His old university sweater came to mind and he dug it out of a drawer and tried it on. Yes, it would do the job.

Satisfied that he had done all he could he could he went to bed and slept better than he had in days. When he awoke Thursday morning a strange sense of calm had descended over him. He didn’t question it; he somehow knew things would work out. He went out and ran some errands and waited for the afternoon to come.

Part 8 Tomorrow – The End?


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