The Doppelganger – Part 8

After lunch he put on his old university sweater and a pair of pants Sara had never liked. He gathered up the things he needed to take with him and drove out to the house where the meeting was to take place. He found a place to park where the car wouldn’t be noticed and walked to the house being careful not to be seen.

He let himself in the back and went to the broom closet he would hide in. He cleared a space he could sit down in comfortably and settled in to wait. He dozed off a few times and when he finally heard them at the front door he looked at his watch. He had been in the closet for over four hours. He got up and stretched, being as quiet as he could.

He put his ear to door and listened to them talking as they moved around the house. It was amazing, his double sounded exactly like him. Nothing was said about what was to come for quite some time and then they began discussing it. The doppelganger was nervous. He had a bad feeling about the situation.

Sara grew agitated at his fears and told him in no uncertain terms it had to done right away. He heard the boyfriend agree with some reluctance in his voice. A short time later he got the break he was hoping for. The double announced he was going to take a shower.

Sara told him she was going to go out on the deck for a cigarette. She told him not to linger in the shower, that he, Steve would be arriving at seven and they needed to be ready.

He listened for the sound of the shower being turned on and counted to twenty before opening the closet door and taking a peek. He could see into the living room and there on the table was a gun. The set up was just what he had hoped for. Sara was planning on shooting him. The boyfriend was there to help her dispose of his body.

He crept into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He took out a handkerchief and put a small amount of chloroform on it, just as his online research had told him to do and went to the shower door. He peered into the steamy shower and checked that the double was facing away from him.

When the timing was right he whipped the door open and put the handkerchief over the doppelgangers nose and mouth as he whipped around in surprise. He went down hard onto the tile floor.

Dragging him out he quickly dried him off and stripped off the clothes he was wearing and put them on the double. He grabbed the clothes the double had been wearing and put them on. They were a perfect fit. He wasn’t sure why that surprised him.

He heard Sara moving around in the living room and he bent down and checked the double’s pulse to try to determine when he would come to. If he had done everything right it shouldn’t be more than ten minutes or so.

“Hey you, hurry up. I need you ready to go when he shows.”

Steve swallowed hard and then answered her. “Be right out.”

Part 9 Tomorrow – The End


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