Lucky Me – Part 3

I take my fish to his place and he cooks it up for us and then we sit on the porch and swap tales or I just listen to him play his banjo. It’s real nice like that in the summer with the crickets humming and all. Sometimes the sunset is just so beautiful we stop what we’re doing and just watch. One time as we watched Alvin turned to me and told me we were blessed. I know I sure am to have a friend like him.

The other day Alvin told me he wants to take me to the sawmill where he used to work. He’s told me about the machines they use and the different ways to work with wood, but I guess he can tell by my face or something that I don’t really understand. I told him I’d love to go see.

When I woke up this morning I lay there and listened to the mockingbirds telling each other off and I was feeling pretty good but then I got this feeling all at once and it scared me. I didn’t know what was wrong but I was sure something was going to happen. I’ve had this thing happen before. Premonitions are what they’re called. It’s not like I can see the future or nothing, it’s just that I get a warning but I don’t know what it’s about.

I got up and made my rounds but all the time I was wondering what was going to happen. After I made my money happen I decided to walk on out to Alvin’s place and see what he was up to. I found him in his kitchen. He was canning some peaches he’d picked from the trees on his property. It smelled so good and he told me we could have some later on.

Alvin said he was feeling real good. His arthritis wasn’t bothering him and felt like we could walk out to the sawmill if I was still keen on seeing it. That sounded like a grand idea to me so Alvin got ready and off we went. There were some big fluffy clouds in the sky and we passed the time telling each other what we saw in them as we walked.

As we rounded a bend the sawmill came into view. I could smell the sawdust, the earthy sweetness all tart in my nostrils. The whine of the saw was like a swarm of bees in some nearby meadow.

Alvin was starting to say something when an old pickup truck came into view moving real slow along the road coming towards us. As they came along side us I could see their faces and I knew what my bad feeling was all about. They were two young guys from town that had given me trouble a few times. Rednecks of the worst sort, that’s what they were. The driver rolled down his window as he rolled to a stop.

Part 4 Tomorrow – The End


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